Eggnog Martini: The Ultimate Guide

An Eggnog Martini is a decadent holiday cocktail made by shaking vanilla vodka, amaretto liqueur, and eggnog with ice. It is typically served in a Martini glass rimmed with brown sugar and garnished with ground nutmeg or cinnamon. This festive drink strikes a balance between creamy and boozy, perfect for holiday celebrations and sophisticated enough for year-round occasions.

The Eggnog Martini combines the vintage charm of eggnog, which dates back to medieval Europe, with the modern sophistication of a 20th-century Martini.

Eggnog Martini Factsheet:

  • Ingredients: Vanilla vodka, amaretto liqueur, eggnog
  • Glass: Martini glass, rimmed with brown sugar
  • Garnish: Nutmeg or cinnamon
  • Flavor Profile: Creamy, spicy, and a tad boozy
  • Occasions: Holidays, but versatile enough for any time
  • Pairings: Holiday desserts, even some savory options
  • History: A modern riff combining medieval eggnog and 20th-century Martini influences
  • Pop-Culture: Gaining traction in holiday movies and TV shows


Eggnog Martini, a festive twist on the classic, combines vanilla-flavored vodka, amaretto liqueur, and eggnog. Add ground nutmeg or cinnamon for garnish and you’ve got a holiday in a glass!

  • Vodka: 1 oz (30ml) – Vanilla flavored for the best taste
  • Amaretto Liqueur: 1 oz (30ml) – Adds a nutty sweetness
  • Eggnog: 2 oz (60ml) The star ingredient
  • Ground Nutmeg/Cinnamon: For rim and garnish
  • Brown Sugar: For the rim
  • Ice Cubes: For shaking

Substitute Ingredients

Here are some of my favorite alternatives for the classic core ingredients:

  • Vodka: Use plain vodka and add a dash of vanilla extract
  • Amaretto Liqueur: Substitute with hazelnut liqueur
  • Eggnog: Buy in store or make your own at home
  • Brown Sugar: Try standard white sugar, cinnamon sugar or stevia


Switch things up with bourbon instead of vodka, or try spiced rum for a warmer kick. Feel even more adventurous? Swap eggnog for coconut milk and add a splash of pineapple juice. Hello, tropical Christmas!

  • Bourbon: For a stronger punch
  • Spiced Rum: Adds warmth and spice
  • Coconut Milk: For a tropical twist
  • Pineapple Juice: Adds a tangy note and even stronger tropical twist

You can also try some of my other sweet dessert-like martini recipes that are great all-year-round and especially suitable for the winter holidays and Christmas.


Expect to pay around $12-$15 for an Eggnog Martini at a reputable bar and a homemade version will set you back roughly $3-$4 per glass.

  • Bar Price: $12-$15 per glass
  • Home-Made: $3-$4 per glass

Flavor Profile

The Eggnog Martini offers a velvety blend of creamy, nutty, and slightly spicy flavors.

  • Creamy: Thanks to the eggnog
  • Nutty: The amaretto liqueur’s contribution
  • Spicy: Cinnamon or nutmeg garnish

It just screams “holidays!”

Tools & Equipment

You will need a cocktail shaker, a jigger, and a Martini glass to craft an Eggnog Martini.

  • Cocktail Shaker: To combine ingredients
  • Jigger: For precise measurements
  • Martini Glass: Chilled, for serving

Step-by-Step Directions

How to make an Eggnog Martini? In a cocktail shaker, mix 1 oz of vanilla vodka, 1 oz of amaretto liqueur, and 2 oz of eggnog. Shake well with ice for 15-30 seconds, and you are ready to pour into a martini glass.

  • Step 1: Rim the Martini glass with brown sugar and spices
  • Step 2: Place the rimmed glass into a freezer for 15 minutes
  • Step 3: Fill a shaker with ice cubes
  • Step 4: Add all liquid ingredients to shaker
  • Step 5: Shake well and strain into glass
  • Step 6: Garnish with nutmeg or cinnamon

Stir or Shake

For an Eggnog Martini, shaking is the way to go because the process of shaking fully incorporates all the flavors and creates a frothy top layer.

Ice, Chilling & Dilution

Use ice cubes in your shaker but never in your Martini glass. A pre-chilled glass keeps the drink cool without diluting the flavors.

  • Ice in Shaker: Helps mix ingredients
  • Pre-chilled Glass: Sustains coolness
  • No Ice in Glass: Prevents dilution


Leftover Eggnog Martini mix can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days. However, it’s best enjoyed fresh!

  • Fridge: Up to 2 days
  • Freezer: Not recommended
  • Fresh: Best option


Making the cocktail for a party or a larger group of people? Scale your Eggnog Martini by maintaining the 1:1:2 ratio of vodka, amaretto, and eggnog.


Avoid over-shaking, which can make your drink too frothy, and remember: the quality of your eggnog matters!

  • Over-shaking: Makes it too frothy
  • Low-Quality Eggnog: Affects taste

Certainly! Here it is for the Eggnog Martini:



The choice of glassware for an Eggnog Martini is more than just a matter of aesthetics—it’s a crucial part of the overall drinking experience. This luxurious, creamy cocktail is ideally served in a chilled martini glass. The glass’s wide brim allows you to fully appreciate the drink’s rich aroma, and the stem keeps your hand from warming the cocktail too quickly.

  • Martini Glass: The classic choice that adds elegance and keeps your drink chilled.
  • Coupe Glass: A chic alternative that works particularly well for egg-based cocktails.
  • Rocks Glass: Suitable if you prefer your Eggnog Martini on the rocks.


The garnish for an Eggnog Martini isn’t just window dressing—it can heighten the entire drinking experience. Traditionally, a sprinkle of nutmeg is all you need to complement the creamy goodness of this festive drink. If you’re looking to get a bit more creative, consider using a cinnamon stick or even a star anise for an extra dash of holiday spirit.

  • Nutmeg: The classic garnish that’s a match made in heaven with eggnog.
  • Cinnamon Stick: Adds aromatic warmth and a touch of the exotic.
  • Star Anise: Gives the drink a subtle licorice flavor and a beautiful visual element.
  • Whipped Cream: For a more indulgent topping, ideal for holiday celebrations.

These garnishes will make your Eggnog Martini as delightful to look at as it is to sip!

Serving Occasions

The Eggnog Martini is your go-to for holiday gatherings, but it’s versatile enough for year-round enjoyment.

Food Pairings

This drink pairs excellently with holiday desserts like gingerbread cookies or even savory dishes like honey-glazed ham.

Dietary Restrictions?

Let’s dive into alternative recipes tailored to special dietary needs:

Non-Alcoholic – Virgin

To make a non-alcoholic Eggnog Martini, you will want to replace the vodka and amaretto, while keeping the eggnog as is, as long as the version you have on hand does not contain any alcohol.

No-Alcohol Substitutes:

  • Vodka: Non-alcoholic vodka substitute (ideally with vanilla notes), vanilla extract or vanilla-flavored syrup
  • Amaretto: Almond extract or non-alcoholic amaretto syrup
  • Eggnog: No change (make sure it contains zero alcohol)

Non-Alcoholic Eggnog Martini Recipe:

  • 1 oz Non-alcoholic vodka substitute
  • 1 oz Alcohol-free amaretto syrup
  • 2 oz Zero-alcohol eggnog

Low-Calorie – Skinny

Make a low-calorie version by opting for low-calorie vanilla vodka and low-fat eggnog, along with sugar-free almond syrup. In the absence of low-calorie vanilla vodka, just use plain low-calorie vodka and add in a dash of vanilla essence.

Low-Calorie Substitutes:

  • Vodka: Low-calorie vanilla vodka or plain vodka with a dash of vanilla essence
  • Amaretto: Sugar-free almond syrup
  • Eggnog: Low-fat eggnog

Low-Calorie Eggnog Martini Recipe:

  • 1 oz Low-calorie vanilla vodka
  • 1 oz Sugar-free almond syrup
  • 2 oz Low-fat eggnog

Low-Carb – Keto

Switch up your Eggnog Martini to be keto-friendly by using sugar-free vanilla vodka or plain vodka with added sugar-free almond extract; sugar-free almond syrup in the place of amaretto; and–if you can’t find one in store–make some keto-friendly eggnog at home by blending egg yolks, unsweetened almond cream (or milk), spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla), keto-approved sweetener, and optional bourbon or dark rum (make sure it is pure to be keto).

Keto Substitutes:

  • Vodka: Sugar-free vanilla vodka; or plain vodka and vanilla extract
  • Amaretto: Sugar-free almond syrup
  • Eggnog: Keto-friendly eggnog

Keto Eggnog Martini Recipe:

  • 1 oz Sugar-free vanilla vodka; or plain vodka with a dash of vanilla extract
  • 1 oz Sugar-free almond syrup
  • 2 oz Keto-friendly eggnog

Sugar-Free – Light

Make a sugar-free Eggnog Martini by changing both the amaretto and the eggnog. As long as it is sugar-free, the vanilla vodka can stay, or simply use plain vodka with added vanilla extract.

No-Sugar Substitutes:

  • Vodka: Make sure it is sugar-free
  • Amaretto: Sugar-free almond syrup
  • Eggnog: Zero-sugar eggnog (store-bought or home-made)

Sugar-free Eggnog Martini Recipe:

  • 1 oz Sugar-free vanilla vodka
  • 1 oz Sugar-free almond syrup
  • 2 oz Sugar-free eggnog

Gluten-Free Recipe

The main ingredients in an Eggnog Martini–vodka, amaretto and eggnog–are typically gluten-free. However, make sure to check the packaging to ensure that the specific brand is gluten-free.

Plant-Based – Vegan Recipe

Plain vodka and amaretto tend to be vegan, but always check the label. You can buy vegan eggnog in specialty stores or online. Alternatively, you can easily make your own vegan eggnog at home by replacing egg and milk by plant-based alternatives.

Eggnog Martini Cocktail

Eggnog Martini

Craft the perfect Eggnog Martini with vanilla vodka, amaretto, and eggnog. Shaken and served in a martini glass, rimmed with brown sugar and garnished with ground nutmeg. Ideal for holiday festivities and cozy nights in.
Total Time 5 minutes
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  • 1 Cocktail shaker
  • 1 Measuring jigger
  • 1 Martini glass


  • 1 oz Vodka
  • 1 oz Amaretto liqueur
  • 2 oz Eggnog
  • Ground nutmeg (for rimming and garnishing)
  • Brown sugar (for rimming)
  • Ice cubes (for shaking)
  • Cinnamon stick (optional, for garnish)
  • Caramel syrup (optional, for garnish)


  • Decorate Glass: Rim a martini glass with amaretto and brown sugar. Optional: Drizzle caramel inside the glass.
  • Chill Glass: Chill the decorated glass in a freezer for about 15 minutes.
  • Assemble Ingredients: In a shaker, mix vanilla vodka, amaretto, and eggnog over ice.
  • Shake: Shake well (about 15-30 seconds) and strain into the glass.
  • Garnish: Sprinkle with ground nutmeg. Optional: Add a cinnamon stick for flair.


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