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About Cocktailogy

The goal is simple - inspire you to create beautiful & tasty cocktails that are easy & fun to make, especially if you are a home bartender!

From recipes to ingredient guides and simple tutorials, it’s all here — all the tips, tricks, tools and techniques you need to make great-looking & great-tasting cocktails

You’re in the right place, if you want:

  1. Drink-spiration from beautiful images & easy delicious recipes
  2. Comprehensive guides to cocktails, spirits, ingredients, tools & techniques
  3. Entertainment with cocktail-making tutorials and videos

I believe that cocktail recipes should be adaptable and flexible so you can make them to match your needs and preferences. So you often find I share options for substitutions and alternatives.

About Emily

Emily is an entrepreneur and content creator. She is the founder of the Cocktailogy brand, with its website and social media platforms, where she shares easy, delicious and beautiful cocktail recipes.

In her previous life, a certified accountant and banker with a masters degree in business and 20 years of experience working in finance.

Today, when she is not creating content for Cocktailogy, you can most likely find her learning about and experimenting with new cocktail ingredients and recipes – or traveling the world to try new cocktails and bars across the globe.

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I created Cocktailogy for people like me. I have no formal bartending or culinary background – but I’m passionate (= obsessed) about learning about recipes, ingredients, tools and techniques to craft cocktails that are gorgeous to look at, taste fantastic and are not too complicated to make. 

If I’m not drinking cocktails (very responsibly & in moderation, of course!) , I’m planning or dreaming about them.

So I started this blog as an excuse to experiment with new cocktails – and justify my acquiring (countless!) new bottles of booze, pretty cocktail glasses and nifty bartending tools. Now I share it with the internet and hope you can feel inspired & learn how to make amazing cocktails! 

I absolutely LOVE seeing the cocktails that you’re making. It will make my day if you tag #cocktailogycom and follow @cocktailogycom on your social media.

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