42 Swedish Drinks You Should Try: Spirits | Cocktails | Wine | Beer | Alcohol-free

Sweden offers a fascinating array of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to explore—from the deeply traditional to modern interpretations of spirits, cocktails, beer, as well as many unique hot and cold soft drinks:

1. Spirits from Sweden

1.1. Swedish Liquor

1.1.1. Vodka

1. Absolut Vodka
  • Clear, smooth grain-based vodka

Absolut Vodka stands as a symbol of Swedish purity and craftsmanship. Originating from Åhus, this vodka is renowned for its continuous distillation process that ensures a consistent level of high quality. It’s versatile for cocktails.

2. Karlssons Gold Vodka
  • Earthy, potato-based vodka

Karlssons Gold Vodka distinguishes itself with a unique potato base, offering a rich, earthy flavor profile. Crafted from virgin new potatoes from Sweden’s Cape Bjäre, it’s celebrated for its nuanced taste and smooth finish.

1.1.2. Whisky

3. Mackmyra Svensk Whisky
  • Peaty, juniper-infused single malt whisky

Mackmyra Svensk Whisky is a trailblazer in Swedish whisky, offering a distinct peaty flavor with hints of juniper and Swedish oak. Its innovative aging process in different climates adds a unique character to each bottle.

4. High Coast Whisky
  • Elegant and balanced aged whisky

High Coast Whisky, nestled along Sweden’s high coast, is celebrated for its balanced flavor and elegant complexity. The proximity to the coast imparts a subtle saline note, enhancing its smooth and refined profile.

1.1.3. Brandy

5. Grönstedts Brandy
  • Aged, fruity blended brandy

Grönstedts Brandy is a testament to Swedish distillation heritage, known for its complex blend of aged distillates. Its rich, fruity notes and velvety texture make it a favored choice for sipping and sophisticated cocktails.

1.2. Swedish Liqueurs

6. Punsch

  • Sweet, arrack-based liqueur

Punsch is a cherished Swedish liqueur with a rich heritage, primarily made from arrack, sugar, and water. Its sweet, complex flavor profile makes it a favorite in both traditional and contemporary Swedish cocktails.

7. Hallands Fläder

  • Fragrant elderflower liqueur

Hallands Fläder, an elderflower liqueur, is celebrated for its delicate floral aroma and sweet taste. It’s a versatile addition to cocktails, imparting a fragrant sweetness that enhances a wide range of beverages.

8. Kruskovac

  • Sweet pear-flavored liqueur

Kruskovac, though not originally from Sweden, has found a fond place in Swedish bars as a pear-flavored liqueur. Its sweet, fruity essence makes it a delightful addition to desserts and cocktails alike.

1.3. Other Swedish Spirits

1.3.1. Aquavit

Aquavit is a quintessential Nordic herb-flavored distilled spirit, distinguished by its unique blend of botanicals, primarily caraway or dill. This grain or potato-based spirit enjoys a revered status in Swedish celebrations, often served chilled. Its complex flavor profile makes it both a standalone delight and a versatile cocktail ingredient, enriching drinks with its aromatic essence.

9. O.P. Anderson Aquavit
  • Caraway-forward, herbal-flavored aquavit

O.P. Anderson Aquavit is a cornerstone of Swedish tradition, flavored with caraway, anise, and fennel. This spirit is often enjoyed during festive occasions, making it a staple in Swedish cultural celebrations.

10. Skåne Akvavit
  • Smooth, spiced regional aquavit

Skåne Akvavit, named after Sweden’s southernmost region, is beloved for its rich spiced notes and smooth finish. Its unique blend of herbs and spices offers a warm, inviting flavor, perfect for toasting and culinary pairings.

11. Norrlands Akvavit
  • Bold, aromatic northern aquavit

Norrlands Akvavit brings the spirit of Sweden’s northern landscapes to the table with its bold, aromatic profile. Its distinct flavor is a celebration of Nordic heritage, ideal for enhancing the flavors of traditional dishes.

1.3.2. Brännvin

Brännvin is a traditional Scandinavian spirit, distilled from grain or potatoes and often infused with herbs and spices. This traditional liquor is a staple in Swedish culture, commonly served at festive occasions and enjoyed neat or as part of a spiced snaps during smörgåsbord feasts, embodying the essence of Nordic conviviality and culinary traditions.

12. Renat Brännvin
  • Pure, neutral clear spirit

Renat Brännvin is the epitome of Swedish simplicity and purity in spirit form. This clear, neutral spirit serves as a versatile base for a myriad of cocktails, embodying the essence of minimalist Swedish design in taste.

13. Herrgårdsbrännvin
  • Herb-infused, refined spirit

Herrgårdsbrännvin offers a refined taste with a subtle infusion of herbs and spices. Its sophisticated flavor profile makes it a distinguished choice for savoring neat or in cocktails.

14. Sädesbrännvin
  • Spiced, grain-based spirit

Sädesbrännvin, a spiced grain spirit, embodies the traditional Swedish spirit-making craft. With a subtle blend of herbs and spices, it offers a warm, inviting taste, perfect for sipping or as a base in flavorful cocktails.

1.3.3 Other Swedish Spirits

15. Bäska Droppar
  • Bitter spirit made from wormwood

Bäska Droppar is known for its distinctive bitter flavor, derived from wormwood. This spirit is often used as a digestif in Sweden, valued for its supposed medicinal properties and its role in traditional drinking culture.

16. Snaps
  • Flavored, celebratory spirits

Snaps encompasses a variety of flavored spirits that are integral to Swedish festive occasions, like the Midsummer, Christmas and Easter. From aquavit to spiced and herbal varieties, snaps is a cornerstone of Swedish dining. Common flavors include caraway, dill, and fennel.

2. Cocktails & Alcoholic Mixed Drinks from Sweden

2.1. Swedish Cocktails & Mixed Drinks

2.1.1. Vodka-Based

17. Swedish Mule
  • Refreshing cocktail with vodka and ginger

The Swedish Mule is a refreshing twist on the classic Moscow Mule, featuring smooth Swedish vodka, spicy ginger beer, and a dash of lime. This cocktail is beloved for its invigorating flavor, perfect for sipping on a sunny day.

18. Stockholm Syndrome
  • Fizzy, vodka-based cocktail with bitters and elderflower liqueur

Stockholm Syndrome is a cocktail blending Swedish vodka, aromatic bitters, and a touch of elderflower liqueur, topped with a splash of sparkling water for effervescence. This cocktail is a fusion of flavors, showcasing a harmonious balance between sweetness, bitterness, and floral notes, making it a sophisticated choice for any occasion.

2.1.2. Aquavit-Based

19. Nordic Negroni
  • Aquavit-based, bittersweet cocktail

Nordic Negroni reimagines the classic Negroni cocktail with a Swedish twist by incorporating aquavit. The unique blend of bittersweet flavors and herbal notes from the aquavit makes it a captivating cocktail choice.

20. Viking Blood
  • Bold, berry-infused aquavit cocktail

Viking Blood cocktail is a bold concoction made with aquavit, a splash of berry liqueur for a fruity depth, and a hint of lemon juice to add a refreshing acidity. This drink is often garnished with fresh berries, embodying the strength and spirit of ancient Nordic warriors with its vibrant color and robust flavors.

2.2. Swedish Hot Alcoholic Beverages

21. Skånsk Glögg

  • Spiced mulled wine

Glögg, Sweden’s take on mulled wine, is a heartwarming blend of wine, spices, and sometimes a splash of stronger spirits. It’s a festive favorite, embodying the warmth and spirit of Swedish winters.

22. Hot Apple Toddy

  • Warm, spiced apple drink with Swedish brandy or vodka

The Hot Apple Toddy, often enriched with Swedish brandy or vodka, combines warm apple cider with spices, offering a cozy and comforting beverage that’s perfect for chilly evenings.

3. Brewed & Fermented Alcoholic Beverages from Sweden

3.1. Swedish Beers

23. Falcon

  • Classic, crisp lager

Falcon beer is a testament to Sweden’s brewing heritage, offering a crisp and refreshing lager that’s become a staple in Swedish bars and homes, known for its balanced taste and quality.

24. Spendrups

  • Diverse, traditional brewery

Spendrups, with its wide range of beers, from lagers to ales, showcases the diversity and tradition of Swedish brewing, catering to a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences.

25. Gotlands Bryggeri

  • Craft, island-inspired ales

Gotlands Bryggeri draws inspiration from the island of Gotland, producing craft ales that capture the unique character and natural beauty of the region, offering a distinct Swedish craft beer experience.

26. Nils Oscar God Lager

  • Balanced, craft quality lager

Nils Oscar God Lager is celebrated for its well-balanced flavor and craft quality, embodying the Swedish commitment to excellence in brewing, with a focus on quality ingredients and taste.

27. Omnipollo Beer

  • Innovative, experimental brews

Omnipollo beer stands out for its innovative and experimental approach to brewing, pushing the boundaries of beer with unique flavors and ingredients, reflecting Sweden’s modern craft beer movement.

28. Pistonhead Kustom Lager

  • Bold, characterful craft lager

Pistonhead Kustom Lager delivers a bold and characterful taste, representing the edgy and creative side of Swedish craft brewing, with its distinctive branding and robust flavor profile.

3.2. Other Swedish Brewed & Fermented Alcoholic Drinks

29. Svagdricka

  • Traditional, low-alcohol beer

Svagdricka is a traditional Swedish low-alcohol beer, cherished for its mild taste and historical significance, offering a glimpse into the country’s brewing history and everyday life.

30. Mjöd

  • Honey-based fermented mead

Mjöd, or Swedish mead, revives the ancient tradition of fermenting honey, creating a rich and sweet beverage that connects modern drinkers with Sweden’s Viking ancestry and folklore.

31. Swedish Cider

  • Artisanal, crisp apple ciders

Cider made from Swedish apples (e.g., Kiviks Musteri, Brännland Cider) showcases the quality and variety of local orchards, offering artisanal ciders that range from dry to sweet, capturing the essence of Swedish apple varieties in every sip.

32. Swedish Fruit Wines

  • Artisanal, locally-sourced wines

Swedish Fruit Wines, crafted from apples, pears, and cherries, highlight the local terroir and artisanal winemaking techniques, offering a unique taste of Sweden’s fruit-driven viniculture.

4. Non-Alcoholic Drinks from Sweden

4.1. Swedish Cold Non-Alcoholic Beverages

4.1.1. Soft Drinks

33. Trocadero
  • Apple, orange-flavored soda

Trocadero, a uniquely Swedish soda, combines the flavors of apple and orange with a hint of caffeine, providing a refreshing and fruity beverage choice that’s beloved across the country.

4.1.2. Seasonal Drinks

34. Julmust
  • Traditional spiced and hoppy malt drink, served during Christmas season in Sweden

Julmust is a blend of malt and hops, enriched with spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves, creating its signature festive flavor. This traditional Swedish soft drink is a staple of Christmas celebrations, offering a rich, spiced alternative to alcoholic festive beverages with its unique blend of caramel sweetness and aromatic spices.

35. Påskmust
  • Festive drink served in Sweden during Easter, made from malt, hops and spices 

Påskmust, the Easter counterpart to Christmas Julmust, features a base of malt and hops but is accentuated with a different blend of spices, including cinnamon and vanilla, tailored to Easter festivities. This seasonal beverage captures the essence of Swedish spring celebrations with its rich, spiced, and sweet profile, making it an essential non-alcoholic option for Easter feasts.

4.1.3. Mineral Water

36. Vichy Nouveau
  • Classic, mineral-rich water

Vichy Nouveau is a renowned Swedish mineral water, appreciated for its crisp taste and mineral richness, making it a premium choice for hydration and a staple on Swedish tables.

37. Loka
  • Pure, natural spring water

Loka, sourced from pristine Swedish springs, is celebrated for its purity and natural taste, embodying the essence of the Swedish landscape in every bottle.

38. Ramlösa
  • Naturally carbonated mineral water

Ramlösa is a naturally carbonated mineral water with a long history, known for its healthful properties and subtle taste, making it a refreshing and sophisticated choice.

4.2. Swedish Hot Non-Alcoholic Beverages

39. Hot Lingonberry Juice

  • Warm, tart berry drink

Hot Lingonberry Juice offers a warm and tart experience, made from the native Swedish lingonberries, providing a cozy and vitamin-rich beverage ideal for cold days.

40. Blåbärssoppa

  • Hot blueberry drink

Blåbärssoppa, which literally translates to “Swedish Blueberry Soup”, is a nutritious and warming drink made from blueberries, often served hot and enjoyed for its health benefits and delicious taste, especially during winter sports.

41. Nypon Soppa

  • Hot drink with rosehip

Nypon Soppa, or “Rosehip Soup” in English, is a sweet and nutritious hot beverage made from rosehips, packed with vitamin C and enjoyed for its delightful flavor and healthful properties.

42. Bryggkaffe

  • Traditional Swedish drip coffee

Bryggkaffe, the Swedish take on drip coffee, is a daily ritual, known for its strong flavor and the cozy moment it represents, epitomizing the Swedish fika culture of taking a break with coffee and friends.

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