57 Jamaican Drinks You’ll Love: Spirits | Cocktails | Wine | Beer | Alcohol-free

Dive into our ultimate guide to Jamaica’s drinks, where we explore an extensive array of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages this vibrant country has to offer. From the spirited rums and unique cocktails that capture the island’s essence, to refreshing beers, locally produced wines, and a variety of hot and cold soft drinks, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re a fan of bold flavors or prefer something lighter, our comprehensive list will guide you through the rich drink culture of Jamaica, making sure you don’t miss out on any of its liquid treasures. >>>

1. Spirits from Jamaica

1.1. Jamaican Rum

Jamaican rum, distilled primarily from sugarcane molasses, is famed for its diverse styles including light, gold, dark, spiced, and overproof varieties. The island’s unique fermentation with wild yeasts and the use of both pot and column stills contribute to the rum’s complex flavor profiles, ranging from fruity and sweet to smoky and rich. Overproof rums, with higher alcohol content, are particularly notable for their intense flavors. Brands like Appleton Estate and Wray & Nephew highlight Jamaica’s global reputation in rum production, blending tradition with a broad appeal in cocktails and neat sipping.

Categorizing Jamaican rums can be done based on various factors such as age, production method, flavor profile, and alcohol content. Here’s a simplified categorization of some of the most famous Jamaican rums, based on some of these aspects:

1. Aged Jamaican Rums:

  • Appleton Estate Rum: Known for its sophisticated blend of aged rums, offering complex flavors of spice, nut, and fruit with a smooth finish.
  • Hampden Estate Rum: Celebrated for its high-ester, aged rums that showcase Jamaica’s traditional pot still rum-making method, yielding intensely flavorful and aromatic rums.

2. Overproof Jamaican Rums:

  • Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum: A high-proof rum with a bold, vibrant flavor, often used in cocktails for its strong rum essence and potency.
  • Charley’s J.B. Overproof Rum: Another potent overproof rum, known for its robust flavor, making it a staple in traditional Jamaican cocktails.
  • Rum Fire Velvet: A high-ester, overproof rum with intense flavors, representative of Jamaica’s traditional, unaged pot still rums.

3. Dark Jamaican Rums:

  • Myers’s Rum: A dark rum, rich in color and flavor, often used in baking and cocktails for its full-bodied, molasses-based profile.
  • John Crow Batty Rum: A darker, intensely flavored rum, known for its bold character and use in traditional Jamaican rum punches.

4. Gold Jamaican Rums:

  • Kingston 62 Rum: A versatile gold rum, offering a balance between the robust flavors of dark rums and the lighter notes of white rums, suitable for a wide range of cocktails.
  • Monymusk Plantation Rum: Falls into the category of gold rums, known for its balanced, medium-bodied profile, blending the richness of aged rums with the freshness of younger spirits.

This categorization is a simplified approach and doesn’t cover all the nuances of Jamaican rums, which are renowned for their diversity and complexity. Each brand and expression brings its own unique character to the table, influenced by factors like the length of aging, the type of casks used, and the specific distillation process.

1.2. Jamaican Liqueurs

5. Sangster’s Rum Cream

  • Creamy rum-based liqueur.

Sangster’s Rum Cream is a sumptuous blend of Jamaican rum and rich cream, offering a smooth, decadent taste. This liqueur is perfect for sipping over ice, in coffee, or as part of a creamy cocktail, providing a luxurious treat for those with a sweet tooth.

6. Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur

  • Historically Jamaican coffee liqueur.

Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur, with its historical roots in Jamaica, is renowned for blending coffee flavors with rum. Originally inspired by Jamaican ingredients, its rich, aromatic profile makes it ideal for both cocktails and desserts. Today, the production and ingredient sourcing no longer takes place in Jamaica.

1.3. Other Jamaican Spirits

7. Pickapeppa Spiced Rum

  • Spiced, flavorful rum.

Pickapeppa is rum infused with a secret blend of Jamaican spices. Its rich, complex taste makes it an excellent base for spiced cocktails or a flavorful addition to culinary creations.

8. Pimento Dram

  • Allspice-flavored rum spirit.

Pimento Dram, a rum-based spirit infused with allspice, is a distinctive addition to the Jamaican spirits landscape. This liqueur-like spirit is essential in various cocktails, adding a warm, spicy depth that’s both inviting and intriguing.

2. Cocktails & Alcoholic Mixed Drinks from Jamaica

2.1. Jamaican Cocktails & Mixed Drinks

9. Jamaican/Reggae Rum Punch

  • Caribbean rum punch with tropical fruit.

Jamaican Rum Punch, or Reggae Rum Punch, is a blend of Jamaican rum with a mix of lime, orange, and pineapple juices, accented by a grenadine splash and a hint of nutmeg. Perfect for social gatherings, it embodies the festive Caribbean spirit and the laid-back vibes of reggae music, making it a popular choice for parties and festive occasions.

10. Jamaican Breeze

  • Tropical, refreshing, fruity rum cocktail.

The Jamaican Breeze is a refreshing blend of smooth Jamaican rum, crisp pineapple juice, zesty orange juice, and a spicy kick of fresh ginger. This fruity concoction is the essence of Caribbean refreshment, perfect for sipping on a sunny day or bringing a taste of the Caribbean to any occasion.

11. Jamaican Rum Cocktail

  • Simple, elegant rum drink.

The Jamaican Rum Cocktail is a celebration of the island’s renowned rum craftsmanship, featuring a simple yet sophisticated blend of premium Jamaican rum, a splash of fresh lime juice, and a whisper of sugar. This minimalist concoction accentuates the rum’s complex flavors, presenting a timeless choice for those who appreciate the art of rum.

12. Planter’s Punch

  • Fruity, rum-based punch.

Planter’s Punch combines dark rum with a medley of fruit juices and a splash of grenadine for a sweet and tangy flavor. This punch is a tribute to Jamaica’s vibrant culture and lush landscapes, offering a taste of the island’s bountiful produce.

13. Kingston Negroni

  • Jamaican twist on a classic.

The Kingston Negroni offers a Jamaican twist on the classic Negroni by incorporating dark rum instead of gin. This bold and bitter cocktail, with its hint of Caribbean flair, is perfect for those who appreciate a strong, sophisticated drink.

14. Jamaican Mule

  • Tropical take on the Moscow Mule.

The Jamaican Mule is a tropical variation of the classic Moscow Mule, substituting vodka with Jamaican rum and adding a splash of pineapple juice. This refreshing cocktail is served in a traditional copper mug, enhancing its cool, crisp flavors.

15. Yellow Bird Cocktail

  • Bright, tropical rum cocktail.

The Yellow Bird Cocktail is a tropical delight, blending rum with banana and pineapple flavors for a bright and sunny drink. Its cheerful color and fruity taste make it an irresistible choice for summer parties and beach gatherings.

16. Jamaican Fizz

  • Sparkling rum cocktail.

The Jamaican Fizz elevates the classic fizz cocktail with the addition of Jamaican rum and tropical fruit juices, creating a sparkling, refreshing drink. It’s perfect for sipping on warm evenings or at festive celebrations.

17. Kingston Cooler

  • Effervescent rum-based beverage.

The Kingston Cooler is a chilled cocktail that combines rum with bitters and soda water, garnished with fresh fruit for a refreshing twist. This drink is ideal for those looking to enjoy a lighter, more subtle rum experience.

18. Montego Bay Cocktail

  • Fruit-infused rum drink.

The Montego Bay Cocktail is named after the famous Jamaican city and features rum mixed with fruit juices and a hint of mint. This cocktail is a tribute to the island’s lively beach scene and tropical ambiance.

19. Jamaican Zombie

  • Potent, multi-rum cocktail.

The Jamaican Zombie is a potent cocktail made with a mix of different rums and tropical juices, known for its strength and complex flavor. This drink is a favorite for those looking to indulge in the daring side of Caribbean cocktail culture.

20. Jamaican Ten Speed

  • Creamy, melon-flavored cocktail.

The Jamaican Ten Speed combines rum with melon liqueur and cream for a smooth, velvety drink with a hint of fruitiness. It’s a unique choice for those who enjoy a cocktail that’s both creamy and refreshing.

21. Caribbean Queen Cocktail

  • Elegant, fruity rum cocktail.

The Caribbean Queen Cocktail is an elegant blend of rum, fruit juices, and a splash of grenadine, creating a drink that’s as beautiful as it is delicious. It’s the perfect choice for a sophisticated evening or a special celebration.

22. Ting with a Sting

  • Grapefruit soda and rum mix.

Ting with a Sting is a refreshing cocktail that mixes the popular Jamaican grapefruit soda, Ting, with a generous pour of rum. This fizzy, citrusy drink is a favorite for its refreshing taste and easy sipping.

23. Jamaican Guinness Punch

  • Creamy, stout-based cocktail.

Jamaican Guinness Punch combines the rich flavors of Guinness stout with rum, milk, and spices for a creamy, indulgent drink. This cocktail is a beloved treat in Jamaica, perfect for those who appreciate a hearty, flavorful punch.

24. Dirty Banana

  • Banana-flavored rum cocktail.

The Dirty Banana is a creamy cocktail that blends rum with banana liqueur and coffee flavors, resulting in a rich, dessert-like drink. This cocktail is perfect for those who love a sweet, indulgent treat with a kick.

25. Jamaican Smile

  • Creamy, fruity blended drink.

The Jamaican Smile combines rum with strawberry and banana flavors, blended into a smooth, creamy concoction. This delightful drink is reminiscent of tropical vacations and carefree beach days.

26. Sorrel Rum Punch

  • Hibiscus-infused rum cocktail.

Sorrel Rum Punch is a festive cocktail that combines the tartness of sorrel (Caribbean hibiscus) with the sweetness of rum, creating a balanced, flavorful drink. This punch is especially popular during the holiday season, celebrating the island’s vibrant traditions and flavors.

27. Jamaican Me Crazy Cocktail

  • Tropical, rum-based mix.

The Jamaican Me Crazy Cocktail is a fun, tropical drink that blends rum with coconut, pineapple, and a splash of cranberry juice. This lively cocktail is perfect for those looking to capture the essence of Jamaica’s laid-back, sun-soaked vibe.

28. Rasta Punch

  • Tropical layered punch.

The Rasta Punch features green, gold, and red layers that symbolize the Rastafarian flag. This punch skillfully blends Jamaican rum with green melon liqueur, golden pineapple juice, and red grenadine, creating a visually stunning and deliciously tropical drink. Each layer offers a unique flavor, making the Rasta Punch a favorite for its rich symbolism and refreshing taste.

29. Bob Marley Cocktail

  • Layered, colorful cocktail.

Inspired by Bob Marley, a Jamaican music legend, this cocktail is a colorful melody of red, yellow, and green layers, mirroring the Rastafarian flag. It combines strawberry liqueur (red), orange juice mixed with a dash of lemon juice (yellow), and green melon liqueur. The Bob Marley Cocktail is not just a drink but a celebration of Jamaican pride and Bob Marley’s vibrant legacy, making it a popular choice at beach bars and parties.

2.2. Jamaican Hot Alcoholic Beverages

30. Jamaican Hot Toddy

  • Warm, spiced rum drink.

The Jamaican Hot Toddy takes the classic hot toddy to new heights by incorporating rum and island spices, creating a warming, soothing drink. This hot beverage is ideal for chilly nights or as a comforting remedy.

31. Hot Buttered Rum

  • Buttery, spiced warm cocktail.

Hot Buttered Rum is a cozy, comforting drink made with rum, butter, and warming spices, perfect for sipping by the fire. This rich and indulgent cocktail offers a taste of Jamaican warmth, making it a favorite for cold weather or festive occasions.

3. Brewed & Fermented Alcoholic Beverages from Jamaica

3.2. Jamaican Beer

32. Red Stripe Beer

  • Iconic Jamaican lager.

Red Stripe Beer is Jamaica’s flagship lager, recognized worldwide for its distinctive stubby bottle and crisp, refreshing taste. This beer is synonymous with Jamaican leisure and hospitality, making it a must-try for visitors and beer enthusiasts alike. There are different types of Red Stripe Beer available, from light to bold.

33. Dragon Stout

  • Rich, dark Jamaican stout.

Dragon Stout is a deep, dark stout with a rich, malty flavor profile, offering hints of caramel and chocolate. This stout is a favorite among those who appreciate a fuller-bodied beer, embodying the depth and diversity of Jamaica’s brewing heritage.

34. Real Rock Lager

  • Smooth, well-balanced Jamaican lager.

Real Rock Lager is known for its smooth, well-balanced flavor, making it a popular choice among beer drinkers who appreciate a classic lager that’s both refreshing and satisfying, perfect for enjoying the island’s laid-back vibe.

3.3. Other Jamaican Brewed & Fermented Alcoholic Drinks

35. Jancro Batty Beer

  • Traditional, homemade Jamaican beer.

Jancro Batty Beer is a traditional Jamaican homemade beer, often brewed in small batches with unique, local ingredients. This beer is a testament to the island’s rich brewing traditions, offering a taste of Jamaica’s grassroots culinary culture.

36. Gunga Peas Wine

  • Unique, pea-based Jamaican wine.

Gunga Peas Wine is an unconventional Jamaican wine made from gunga peas (pigeon peas), showcasing the island’s creativity in using local ingredients. This wine offers a distinctive taste experience for those seeking to explore the lesser-known aspects of Jamaican fermentations.

37. Sorrel Wine

  • Tart, spiced hibiscus wine.

Sorrel Wine is a unique Jamaican beverage made from hibiscus flowers, known locally as sorrel, often spiced with ginger and cloves. This wine offers a tart, refreshing taste that’s perfect for festive occasions, embodying the island’s vibrant culinary traditions.

38. Magnum Tonic Wine

  • Herbal-infused tonic wine.

Magnum Tonic Wine, infused with Jamaican rum and a blend of invigorating herbs, is both a cultural icon and a spirited tonic. Its unique taste and energizing properties make it a popular choice for social occasions and celebrations.

39. Banana Wine

  • Sweet, banana-flavored wine.

Banana Wine, crafted from ripe bananas, is a testament to Jamaica’s inventive use of its abundant tropical fruits. This wine offers a sweet, aromatic flavor profile, appealing to those who enjoy experimenting with unique, fruit-based wines.

40. Ginger Wine

  • Spicy, warming ginger-infused wine.

Ginger Wine, infused with the zesty spice of Jamaican ginger, is a warming, flavorful drink. Its robust ginger flavor makes it a popular choice during the cooler months, providing a comforting warmth that’s both invigorating and soothing.

4. Non-Alcoholic Beverages from Jamaica

4.1. Jamaican Cold Non-Alcoholic Drinks

41. Jamaican Ginger Beer

  • Spicy, traditional ginger brew.

Jamaican ginger beer is known for its spicy, bold flavor derived from the island’s fiery ginger. This traditional non-alcoholic drink comes in both fermented and non-fermented versions, each offering a refreshing ginger kick. Often enjoyed on its own for its invigorating taste and health benefits, it also serves as a popular mixer in cocktails, adding a vibrant Jamaican flair.

42. Root Wine

  • Herbal tonic with roots.

Root Wine is a traditional Jamaican non-alcoholic herbal drink made from various roots and herbs, believed to have medicinal properties. This tonic is valued for its health benefits, including detoxifying the body and boosting vitality, making it a staple in holistic Jamaican practices. Some versions could be fermented and contain alcohol.

43. Carrot Juice with Guinness

  • Nutrient-rich, malty blend.

Carrot Juice with Guinness is an unconventional Jamaican blend that combines carrot juice with the rich, malty flavor of Guinness stout. This non-alcoholic concoction is favored for its nutritional value and unique taste.

44. Carrot Juice with Nutmeg and Vanilla

  • Spiced, creamy carrot beverage.

Jamaican carrot juice with nutmeg and vanilla is a creamy, spiced drink that’s a popular homemade favorite. Made with fresh carrots, this juice is elevated with the addition of sweet vanilla and warm nutmeg, making it a comforting and nutritious option for all ages.

45. Irish Moss / Sea Moss

  • Mineral-rich seaweed beverage.

Irish Moss, or Sea Moss, is a traditional Jamaican beverage made from sea moss, known for its high mineral content. This nutritious drink is believed to have health benefits, including boosting energy and improving immunity, making it a valued part of the Jamaican diet.

46. Sky Juice

  • Sweet coconut water mix.

Sky Juice combines coconut water with sweet syrup and sometimes gin, making it a refreshing and slightly intoxicating beverage. This popular street drink is cherished for its hydrating properties and sweet, tropical flavor.

47. Coconut Water

  • Hydrating tropical refreshment.

Coconut Water is a staple in Jamaica, prized for its hydrating properties and sweet, nutty flavor. Directly sourced from the island’s abundant coconut palms, this natural beverage is a go-to for refreshment and is often consumed straight from the coconut for maximum freshness.

48. Bamboo Juice

  • Refreshing bamboo-infused drink.

Bamboo Juice, made from the extract of young bamboo shoots, is a refreshing beverage in Jamaica, known for its health benefits, including aiding digestion and providing essential nutrients. This unique drink is a testament to Jamaica’s innovative use of natural ingredients.

49. Peanut Punch

  • Protein-rich peanut drink.

Peanut Punch is a popular Jamaican drink known for its rich, creamy texture and high protein content. Made from peanuts, milk, and spices, it’s a favorite for its energizing qualities and is often consumed as a filling snack or a nutritional supplement.

50. Sorrel Drink

  • Tangy, spiced hibiscus beverage.

Sorrel Drink, made from dried hibiscus flowers, is a traditional Jamaican beverage especially popular during the Christmas season. It’s known for its deep red color, tangy taste, and the addition of spices like ginger and cloves, offering a unique and refreshing flavor profile.

51. Island Soda

  • Tropical-flavored carbonated drinks.

Island Soda offers a range of carbonated beverages in various tropical flavors, reflecting Jamaica’s vibrant fruit culture. These sodas are beloved for their sweet, refreshing taste, providing a fizzy alternative to traditional fruit juices.

52. Bigga Soft Drink

  • Popular Jamaican soda brand.

Bigga Soft Drink is a favorite soda brand in Jamaica, known for its wide range of flavors that capture the island’s tropical essence. These brightly colored, sweet sodas are a staple at social gatherings, offering a taste of Jamaica’s spirited lifestyle.

53. Ting

  • Citrusy grapefruit soda.

Ting, a beloved Jamaican grapefruit soda, offers a tangy and refreshing taste that’s both sweet and slightly tart. This fizzy drink is perfect for a hot day, providing a thirst-quenching citrus blast that’s popular among locals and tourists alike.

54. Jamaican Fruit Juices

  • Juices from fruit cultivated in Jamaica.

Jamaican fruit juices are a vibrant celebration of the island’s abundant tropical produce. These refreshing beverages capture the essence of Jamaican fruits, offering a delicious taste of the island’s natural bounty. From tangy citrus to sweet, exotic flavors, each juice provides a unique sip of Jamaica’s rich agricultural heritage. Examples:

  • Soursop Juice
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Mango Juice
  • June Plum Juice
  • Guinep Juice
  • Passion Fruit Juice
  • Pawpaw Juice
  • Guava Juice
  • Ackee Juice

4.2. Jamaican Hot Alcohol-Free Beverages

55. Blue Mountain Coffee

  • World-renowned Jamaican coffee.

Blue Mountain Coffee is celebrated globally for its mild flavor and lack of bitterness. Grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, this coffee is one of the most sought-after and prestigious coffees in the world, known for its smooth, rich taste and aromatic excellence.

56. Chocolate Tea

  • Traditional Jamaican spiced hot chocolate.

Chocolate Tea, the Jamaican version of hot chocolate, is made from locally produced cocoa, boiled with milk and spices. This rich, comforting beverage is a morning favorite and is often enjoyed with traditional Jamaican hard dough bread, offering a sweet start to the day.

57. Jamaican Herbal Teas

  • Teas from Jamaican herbs, spices and other botanicals.

Jamaican herbal and spice teas are a comforting and healthful tradition, cherished for their natural healing properties and aromatic flavors. These teas, made from a variety of local herbs and spices, are a staple in Jamaican homes, offering warmth and wellness in every cup.

  • Bush Tea: A catch-all term for tea made from a variety of local herbs, each with its unique flavor and health benefits.
  • Cerasee Tea (hot version): Made from the bitter cerasee vine, this tea is believed to have detoxifying and medicinal properties.
  • Pimento Tea: Made from allspice berries (known locally as pimento), this tea offers a unique, spicy-sweet flavor and digestive benefits.
  • Moringa Tea: Prepared from the leaves of the moringa plant, known for its nutrient-rich profile and antioxidant properties.
  • Lemongrass Tea: A fragrant tea made from the stalks of the lemongrass plant, valued for its calming effects and citrusy flavor.
  • Cinnamon Tea: A sweet and warming tea made from cinnamon bark, often enjoyed for its comforting taste and healthful qualities.
  • Mint Tea: A refreshing tea made from mint leaves, known for its soothing properties and invigorating scent.
  • Ginger Tea: A spicy and warming tea, made from steeped ginger root, revered for its digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits.
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