44 Finnish Drinks You Should Try: Spirits | Cocktails | Wine | Beer | Alcohol-free

Get a unique glimpse into the diverse world of Finnish alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks, from the time-honored classics to the modern twists.

Here’s a comprehensive drink roundup that captures the essence of the Finnish beverage scene, from the robust spirits that warm the soul to the refreshing non-alcoholic options that cool the palate. Whether you’re a connoisseur or simply curious, this list is your ultimate guide to the Finnish drinking experience. >>>

1.) Spirits from Finland

1.1.) Finnish Liquor

1.1.1.) Finnish Vodka

1. Koskenkorva Viina
  • Clear Finnish vodka

Koskenkorva Viina stands as a symbol of Finnish purity and tradition. Distilled in the village of Koskenkorva, this smooth vodka reflects the simplicity and clean taste that Finland is known for. Its versatility makes it a favorite for both sipping neat and mixing into cocktails, embodying the essence of Finnish craftsmanship.

2. Finlandia Vodka
  • Crisp, clean Finnish vodka

Finlandia Vodka, a global ambassador of Finnish spirit excellence, is renowned for its pristine quality. Made from glacial spring water and suomi barley, it delivers a crisp and clean taste that’s ideal for a refreshing cocktail or a smooth sip on the rocks. Finlandia’s commitment to purity captures the essence of the Finnish natural landscape.

3. Suomi Tyyni Vodka
  • Smooth, premium vodka

Suomi Tyyni Vodka is a testament to Finland’s mastery in vodka production. Known for its exceptional smoothness and clarity, this premium vodka is distilled using traditional Finnish methods, ensuring a pure and refined taste. It’s a perfect choice for connoisseurs seeking an upscale sipping experience.

1.1.2.) Finnish Whisky

4. Teerenpeli Whisky
  • Finnish single malt whisky

Teerenpeli Whisky, a pioneer in Finnish whisky, offers a unique taste profile influenced by the Nordic climate. Aged in oak barrels, it features a complex blend of peaty smokiness and subtle sweet notes, making it a standout choice for whisky enthusiasts looking to explore beyond traditional Scotch and Irish offerings.

5. Kyro Distillery Rye Whisky
  • Bold Finnish rye whisky

Kyro Distillery Rye Whisky brings a bold Finnish twist to the classic rye whisky. Crafted from 100% Finnish rye grain, it boasts a spicy, full-bodied flavor with a smooth finish. This whisky not only pays homage to Finland’s rye heritage but also showcases the innovation within the country’s burgeoning whisky scene.

1.1.3.) Finnish Gin

6. Arctic Blue Gin
  • Bilberry infused Finnish gin

Arctic Blue Gin sets itself apart by infusing the essence of wild Finnish bilberries into its botanical mix. This gin offers a smooth, berry-laden profile that pays homage to Finland’s vast forests, making it perfect for a distinctive gin and tonic or a creative cocktail base.

1.1.4.) Finnish Brandy

7. Mesimarja Brandy

Arctic brambleberry brandy

Mesimarja Brandy is a rare gem in the world of Finnish spirits, distilled from the Arctic brambleberries that grow in the wild northern regions. This brandy offers a unique berry flavor that’s both rich and nuanced, reflecting the untouched beauty of Finland’s natural landscapes.

1.1.5.) Other Finnish Spirits

8. Leijona Viina

Traditional Finnish clear spirit
Leijona Viina, a classic Finnish clear spirit, is known for its straightforward, clean taste. Often enjoyed neat or in simple mixed drinks, it reflects the Finnish preference for unadorned, high-quality spirits that celebrate the purity of the ingredients and the distillation process.

1.2.) Finnish Liqueurs

1.2.1.) Cloudberry Liqueurs

9. Lapponia Lakka
  • Cloudberry flavored liqueur

Lapponia Lakka, also known as cloudberry liqueur, captures the exotic flavor of Arctic cloudberries. These rare berries, harvested under the midnight sun, impart a sweet yet tart taste, making this liqueur a delightful and unique Finnish treat, perfect for after-dinner sipping or enhancing desserts.

10. Lapponia Cloudberry Liqueur
  • Sweet Arctic cloudberry liqueur

Lapponia Cloudberry Liqueur is an exquisite expression of Finland’s wild northern terroir. Made from handpicked cloudberries that thrive in the Arctic wilderness, this liqueur offers a harmonious balance of sweetness and acidity, ideal for crafting innovative cocktails or enjoying neat.

1.2.2.) Salmiakki Liqueurs

11. Salmari
  • Salmiakki (salty licorice) spirit

Salmari is a distinctively Finnish spirit flavored with salmiakki, Finland’s beloved salty licorice. This unique concoction provides a bold, savory taste sensation that’s both intriguing and addictive, making it a must-try for those seeking an authentic Finnish drinking experience.

12. Koskenkorva Salmiakki
  • Licorice-flavored Finnish spirit

Koskenkorva Salmiakki merges the smoothness of Koskenkorva vodka with the intense flavor of salmiakki. This harmonious blend creates a licorice-flavored spirit that’s deeply rooted in Finnish culture, offering a truly unique and memorable taste profile.

1.2.3.) Peppermint Liqueurs

13. Minttu
  • Peppermint flavored liqueur

Minttu, Finland’s take on peppermint liqueur, is known for its intense and pure minty flavor. Its icy freshness makes it an excellent choice for a revitalizing shot, a cooling addition to cocktails, or a delightful companion to hot chocolate, embodying the crispness of Finnish winters.

1.2.4.) Herbal & Spiced Liqueurs

14. Marskin Ryyppy
  • Spiced Finnish schnapps

Marskin Ryyppy is a spiced schnapps with a storied history in Finnish military tradition. Named after Marshal Mannerheim, this robust spirit features a blend of herbs and spices, offering a complex flavor that’s best enjoyed as a ceremonial toast or a bold aperitif.

15. Valhalla Herb Liqueur
  • Nordic herb-infused liqueur

Valhalla Herb Liqueur is a bold concoction inspired by ancient Nordic mythology. Infused with a blend of Arctic herbs such as wormwood, it offers a bitter, complex taste that’s both invigorating and warming, making it a standout choice for those seeking a taste of Finnish folklore.

2.) Cocktails & Alcoholic Mixed Drinks from Finland

2.1.) Finnish Cocktails

16. Lonkero

  • Gin and grapefruit soda long drink

The Long Drink, or Lonkero, is a refreshing Finnish classic, originally crafted for the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. This pre-mixed cocktail, blending gin with grapefruit soda, offers a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness, making it a beloved summer staple in Finland.

17. Salmiakki Koskenkorva

  • Licorice-flavored vodka drink

Salmiakki Koskenkorva is a unique Finnish cocktail that marries the intense flavor of salmiakki, salty licorice, with the smoothness of Koskenkorva vodka. This intriguing mix results in a savory licorice-flavored drink that’s deeply rooted in Finnish taste preferences.

18. Finnish Mule

  • Vodka, cloudberry liqueur, ginger beer

The Finnish Mule is a Nordic twist on the classic Moscow Mule, incorporating Finnish vodka and cloudberry liqueur with ginger beer. This cocktail offers a delightful combination of tart, sweet, and spicy flavors, making it a refreshing choice for any occasion.

19. Finnish Sea Buckthorn Margarita

  • Tequila, sea buckthorn juice, lime

The Finnish Sea Buckthorn Margarita blends the rich, tangy flavor of sea buckthorn berries with tequila and lime, creating a unique and vibrant cocktail. This drink not only showcases Finland’s native berries but also adds a Nordic twist to a classic Mexican cocktail.

20. Aurora Borealis Cocktail

  • Multispirit, berry flavors

The Aurora Borealis Cocktail, inspired by the Northern Lights, is a stunning Finnish creation that combines multiple spirits with berry flavors to mimic the natural phenomenon’s mesmerizing colors. This visually appealing drink captures the beauty of Finland’s night sky in a glass.

2.2.) Hot Finnish Alcoholic Beverages

21. Glögi with Vodka

  • Spiced mulled wine with vodka

Glögi with Vodka is Finland’s winter warmer, blending traditional mulled wine with a splash of vodka. This hot drink, spiced with cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom, offers a cozy and comforting experience, perfect for Finland’s cold winter nights.

22. Hot Sima

  • Honeyed mead with vodka

Hot Sima is a Finnish take on the traditional mead, sweetened with honey and flavored with lemon. When served warm with a shot of vodka, it becomes a soothing and heartwarming beverage, ideal for celebrating Finnish Vappu (May Day) or simply enjoying during the colder months.

23. Finnish Hot Chocolate with Minttu

  • Hot chocolate, Minttu peppermint liqueur

Finnish Hot Chocolate with Minttu combines the creamy richness of hot chocolate with the refreshing kick of Minttu peppermint liqueur. This indulgent drink is a favorite in Finland, especially during the winter, offering a sweet and minty escape from the chilly weather.

3.) Brewed & Fermented Alcoholic Beverages from Finland

3.1.) Finnish Wines

24. Finnish Fruit Wines

  • Berry-based artisan wines

Finnish Fruit Wines are artisan beverages crafted from the rich variety of berries found in Finland’s vast forests. These wines range from tart lingonberry to sweet cloudberry, offering a unique taste of the Finnish wilderness in every sip.

25. Northern Lights Wine

  • Berry wine inspired by auroras

Northern Lights Wine captures the magic of Finland’s night sky with its berry-infused flavors. Made from local berries like bilberries and lingonberries, this wine is a tribute to the mesmerizing auroras, offering a taste experience as captivating as the natural phenomenon itself.

3.2.) Finnish Beers

26. Lapin Kulta

  • Crisp Finnish lager

Lapin Kulta is a crisp and refreshing Finnish lager, brewed with pure Lapland water. Its clean taste and golden hue make it a favorite among beer enthusiasts, embodying the pristine nature of Finland’s northern regions.

27. Koff

  • Classic Finnish lager

Koff is one of Finland’s most iconic lagers, known for its balanced flavor and smooth finish. A staple in Finnish bars and homes, Koff represents the brewing heritage and craftsmanship Finland is proud of.

28. Plevna Siperia Stout

  • Robust Finnish stout

Plevna Siperia Stout is a full-bodied beer with a rich, complex flavor profile. Brewed in Tampere, this stout boasts notes of coffee and chocolate, making it a hearty choice for those chilly Finnish evenings.

29. Huvila Arctic Circle Ale

  • Ale brewed with Arctic ingredients

Huvila Arctic Circle Ale is a unique Finnish ale brewed with ingredients sourced from within the Arctic Circle. This beer offers a distinct flavor, with hints of juniper and birch, reflecting the rugged beauty of Finland’s northern landscapes.

30. Kukko Pils

  • Gluten-free Finnish pilsner

Kukko Pils is a Finnish pilsner that stands out for being gluten-free, making it accessible to beer lovers with dietary restrictions. Its crisp and refreshing taste has earned it a loyal following both in Finland and abroad.

31. Sahti

  • Traditional Finnish farmhouse ale

Sahti is a traditional Finnish beer with a history dating back centuries. This farmhouse ale, characterized by its banana-like aroma and juniper infusion, offers a unique window into Finland’s rural brewing traditions.

32. Tornion Panimo

  • Diverse beers from Finland’s oldest brewery

Tornion Panimo, Finland’s oldest brewery, offers a diverse range of beers that reflect the rich brewing history of the Tornio region. From classic lagers to innovative craft beers, Tornion Panimo’s offerings are a testament to Finnish brewing excellence.

3.3.) Other Finnish Brewed & Fermented Drinks

33. Kilju

  • Traditional Finnish sugar wine

Kilju is a traditional Finnish homebrew made primarily from sugar, yeast, and water. While simple in ingredients, Kilju holds a special place in Finnish DIY brewing culture, often flavored with fruits or berries for added complexity.

34. Kotikalja

  • Mild Finnish homebrewed beer

Kotikalja is a mild, sweet Finnish homebrewed beer, treasured for its traditional preparation methods and comforting, malty taste. Often brewed for family gatherings and festive occasions, Kotikalja is a heartwarming nod to Finland’s homebrewing traditions.

4.) Non-Alcoholic Drinks from Finland

4.1.) Cold Finnish Non-Alcoholic Beverages

35. Finnish Blueberry Juice

  • Antioxidant-rich wild blueberry juice

Finnish Blueberry Juice, made from wild forest blueberries, is a treasure trove of antioxidants. This deep, flavorful juice not only refreshes but also offers a taste of Finland’s pristine natural landscapes, making it a healthy and delicious choice.

36. Heartwood Birch Sap

  • Pure springtime birch sap

Heartwood Birch Sap is collected during the Finnish spring when birch trees are full of nutrient-rich sap. This slightly sweet, refreshing drink is enjoyed for its purity and health benefits, embodying the essence of Finnish nature.

37. Nordic Mountain Birch Water

  • Detoxifying birch tree water

Nordic Mountain Birch Water, tapped from the birch trees in Finland’s mountainous regions, is praised for its detoxifying properties. With a hint of natural sweetness, it’s a revitalizing beverage that captures the purity of the Nordic wilderness.

38. Pommac

  • Classic carbonated fruit soft drink

Pommac is a unique carbonated soft drink with a complex fruit flavor, enjoyed in Finland for generations. Its secret recipe and sophisticated taste make it a festive choice for special occasions or a refined alternative to traditional sodas.

39. Finnish Julmust

  • Traditional Christmas soft drink

Finnish Julmust is a beloved soft drink traditionally consumed during the Christmas season. Its unique, spiced flavor profile makes it an integral part of Finnish holiday celebrations, offering a non-alcoholic way to toast the festive spirit.

40. Sandels Light Beer

  • Non-alcoholic Finnish beer

Sandels Light Beer offers the full-bodied taste of beer without the alcohol, making it a popular choice in Finland for those seeking the flavor of beer in a non-alcoholic form. It’s perfect for social occasions where everyone can enjoy a toast.

4.2.) Hot Finnish Non-Alcoholic Beverages

41. Finnish Coffee

  • Light-roasted, smooth Finnish coffee

Finnish Coffee is renowned for its light roast and exceptionally smooth taste. As one of the world’s top coffee-consuming nations, Finland takes pride in its coffee culture, with this inviting brew playing a central role in daily life and social gatherings.

42. Chaga Mushroom Tea

  • Immunity-boosting wild mushroom tea

Chaga Mushroom Tea, made from the Chaga mushrooms found in Finnish birch forests, is a potent source of antioxidants. This earthy, soothing tea is valued for its immune-boosting properties and is a staple in Finnish natural wellness practices.

43 Nordic Herbal Tea

  • Calming blend of Finnish forest herbs

Nordic Herbal Tea is a calming infusion made from a blend of herbs sourced from Finland’s lush forests, such as fireweed and nettle. This aromatic tea offers a moment of tranquility and a connection to the serene Finnish landscape.

44. Hot Berry Juice

  • Warming wild berry infusion

Hot Berry Juice is a traditional Finnish beverage made by simmering wild berries, such as lingonberries or bilberries. This warming drink is especially popular during the cold months, providing comfort and a burst of natural sweetness.

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