46 Dutch Drinks from The Netherlands: Spirits | Cocktails | Wine | Beer | No-Alcohol

1) Spirits from The Netherlands (Holland)

1.1) Dutch Liquor

1. Jenever (Jonge and Oude)

  • Traditional Dutch gin

Jenever, often referred to as Dutch gin, is a juniper-flavored spirit native to the Netherlands. It comes in two varieties: Jonge (young) and Oude (old), which differ in distillation methods and flavors. Jonge Jenever has a lighter, more vodka-like taste, whereas Oude Jenever features a smoother, slightly aromatic profile. Rich in history, Jenever is a must-try for spirit enthusiasts exploring traditional Dutch beverages.

2. Korenwijn

  • Grain wine spirit

Korenwijn, translating to ‘grain wine’, is a Dutch spirit closely related to Jenever. It’s distinguished by its higher malt wine content, giving it a deeper, more robust flavor profile. With a complex character often enriched with hints of herbs and spices, Korenwijn represents a quintessential element of Dutch distilling heritage, making it a captivating discovery for connoisseurs of fine spirits.

3. Beerenburg

  • Herbal Dutch spirit

Beerenburg is a distinctive Dutch spirit infused with a variety of herbs. Originating in the 17th century, it has a strong, aromatic flavor profile. Traditionally used for medicinal purposes, Beerenburg has evolved into a popular choice for those seeking a unique and hearty herbal spirit. Its rich history and robust taste make it a fascinating aspect of Dutch drinking culture.

4. Vieux

  • Dutch brandy

Vieux is a Dutch spirit often regarded as an alternative to French brandy. It offers a harmonious blend of sweet and woody flavors, making it a popular choice for those seeking a cognac-like experience at a more accessible price point. Vieux holds a special place in Dutch bars as a versatile and enjoyable spirit.

5. Schelvispekel

  • Historic Dutch spirit

Schelvispekel is a traditional Dutch spirit with a rich history dating back centuries. It’s crafted using a secret blend of spices and herbs, resulting in a unique and complex flavor. This spirit is a hidden gem in the Dutch alcoholic repertoire, offering a glimpse into the historical drinking habits of the Netherlands.

1.2) Dutch Liqueurs

6. Advocaat

  • Egg-based liqueur

Advocaat is a creamy Dutch liqueur made from eggs, sugar, and brandy. Characterized by its rich, custard-like texture and sweet flavor, it’s often enjoyed as a dessert drink or used in culinary preparations. Advocaat’s unique composition and delightful taste profile make it a standout in the world of liqueurs, offering a truly Dutch indulgence.

7. Bessenjenever

  • Berry-flavored Jenever

Bessenjenever is a popular Dutch liqueur, a variation of traditional Jenever infused with berries. It offers a harmonious blend of the herbal notes of Jenever with the sweetness and tartness of berries. This flavorful concoction is perfect for those who enjoy a fruit-forward twist on classic spirits.

8. Dropshot

  • Licorice-flavored liqueur

Dropshot is a unique Dutch liqueur with a distinct licorice flavor, inspired by the popular Dutch candy, ‘drop’. Its bold, sweet, and slightly salty taste profile makes it a curious and appealing choice for those looking to explore the diverse world of Dutch liqueurs.

9. Kruidenbitter

  • Herbal bitters

Kruidenbitter, translating to ‘herbal bitters’, is a traditional Dutch liqueur known for its digestive properties. Made from a blend of herbs, it offers a complex and bittersweet flavor. It’s a testament to the Dutch mastery in crafting herbal-infused spirits, appealing to those who appreciate the depth and history of botanical beverages.

10. Oranjebitter

  • Orange-flavored bitters

Oranjebitter is a vibrant Dutch liqueur, typically consumed during national celebrations. Made by infusing bitter orange peels, it has a distinct, citrusy flavor with a bitter undertone. This festive drink not only offers a zesty taste experience but also embodies the spirit of Dutch national pride.

11. Koffiekaatje

  • Coffee liqueur

Koffiekaatje is a delightful Dutch coffee-flavored liqueur. Combining the rich, robust flavors of coffee with a smooth, sweet base, this liqueur is perfect for coffee and cocktail lovers alike. It’s a testament to the Dutch knack for creating innovative and flavorful spirits that cater to diverse palates.

12. Speculaaslikeur

  • Spiced biscuit liqueur

Speculaaslikeur captures the essence of the traditional Dutch speculaas biscuit in liquid form. This liqueur is infused with a blend of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, offering a warm, aromatic flavor. It’s a perfect representation of Dutch culinary creativity, transforming a beloved national treat into a delightful liqueur.

2) Cocktails & Mixed Drinks from The Netherlands (Holland)

2.1) Dutch Cocktails & Mixed Drinks

13. Dutch Mule

  • Refreshing ginger cocktail

The Dutch Mule is a vibrant cocktail, a Dutch twist on the classic Moscow Mule. It typically combines Jenever with ginger beer and fresh lime juice, resulting in a refreshing and zesty drink. The unique blend of Jenever’s botanicals with the spicy ginger flavor makes the Dutch Mule a standout in the world of cocktails.

14. Flying Dutchman

  • Citrusy gin cocktail

The Flying Dutchman is a classic Dutch cocktail known for its bright, citrusy flavors. It’s a blend of Jenever, triple sec, and lemon juice, often garnished with a lemon twist. This cocktail is a celebration of Dutch spirits, offering a light and invigorating taste experience that’s perfect for any occasion.

15. Kopstootje

  • Jenever mixed with beer

Kopstootje is a traditional Dutch drinking ritual pairing Jenever with beer. The smooth, malty flavor of the beer complements the herbal notes of Jenever, creating a balanced and enjoyable drinking experience. Kopstootje represents a quintessential aspect of Dutch bar culture.

16. Dutch Negroni

  • Herbal Jenever Negroni

The Dutch Negroni offers a unique take on the classic Negroni cocktail, substituting gin with Jenever. This swap infuses the drink with a more herbal and subtly sweet profile, while maintaining the signature bitterness of Campari and the sweetness of vermouth. The Dutch Negroni is a must-try for aficionados seeking a novel twist on a beloved classic.

17. Oranjebitter Cocktail

  • Festive orange cocktail

The Oranjebitter Cocktail is a festive Dutch drink, often served during national celebrations. Made with Oranjebitter liqueur, it has a vibrant orange flavor with a bittersweet edge, typically mixed with sparkling wine or champagne. This cocktail not only delights the palate but also captures the spirit of Dutch festivities.

2.2) Dutch Hot Alcoholic Beverages

18. Bisschopswijn

  • Dutch mulled wine

Bisschopswijn is the Dutch version of mulled wine, a warm, spiced beverage perfect for colder months. It’s made by simmering red wine with spices like cinnamon, cloves, and orange zest. Bisschopswijn is a staple in Dutch winter traditions, offering a cozy and aromatic drink that warms both body and soul.

19. Dutch Coffee

  • Coffee with Jenever and whipped cream

Dutch Coffee combines the rich flavors of coffee with the unique taste of Jenever, topped with a dollop of whipped cream. This combination creates a luxurious and comforting beverage, perfect for sipping on a chilly evening. Dutch Coffee is a testament to the Netherlands’ innovative approach to combining traditional spirits with beloved everyday drinks.

3) Brewed & Fermented Alcoholic Beverages from The Netherlands (Holland)

3.1) Dutch Wine

20. Dutch Riesling

  • Aromatic white wine

Dutch Riesling is a testament to the Netherlands’ ability to produce high-quality white wines. Characterized by its aromatic, floral notes and crisp acidity, Dutch Riesling offers a unique terroir expression, different from its German and French counterparts. It’s a delightful choice for wine enthusiasts seeking to explore lesser-known European wine regions.

21. Limburgse Landwijn

  • Regional Dutch wine

Limburgse Landwijn, hailing from the Limburg region, showcases the diversity of Dutch winemaking. These wines, both red and white, are known for their quality and distinctive character, reflecting the unique soil and climatic conditions of the area. Limburgse Landwijn is a must-try for those interested in exploring regional European wines.

22. Zeeland’s Roode

  • Red wine from Zeeland

Zeeland’s Roode is a remarkable red wine produced in the Zeeland region. Known for its rich, full-bodied flavor profile, it often features notes of dark fruits and subtle spices. This wine represents the burgeoning Dutch wine scene, offering a unique taste of the maritime influenced terroir of Zeeland.

3.2) Dutch Beer

23. Grolsch

  • Iconic Dutch lager

Grolsch is one of the most recognized Dutch beer brands, famous for its premium lager with a distinctive hoppy flavor and crisp finish. The unique swing-top bottle and rich brewing history make Grolsch a symbol of Dutch brewing tradition, enjoyed both domestically and internationally.

24. Heineken

  • World-renowned lager

Heineken is arguably the most famous Dutch beer, renowned globally for its smooth, balanced lager. With a slightly bitter taste and a clean finish, it’s a staple in bars worldwide. Heineken’s widespread popularity is a testament to the Netherlands’ impact on the international beer market.

25. Hertog Jan

  • Premium Dutch beer

Hertog Jan is a respected Dutch beer brand, known for its range of high-quality brews, including lagers, ales, and specialty beers. Each beer showcases Hertog Jan’s dedication to traditional brewing methods and ingredient excellence, making it a favorite among Dutch beer aficionados.

26. Amstel

  • Popular Dutch pilsner

Amstel, another major player in the Dutch beer scene, is celebrated for its smooth, accessible pilsner. With its balanced flavor and easy drinkability, Amstel has gained a loyal following both in the Netherlands and abroad, representing the laid-back, sociable spirit of Dutch beer culture.

27. Oranjeboom

  • Classic Dutch beer

Oranjeboom is a historic Dutch beer brand, offering a range of lagers and ales. Known for its crisp and refreshing taste, Oranjeboom is a testament to the Dutch brewing legacy, providing a classic beer experience rooted in centuries of brewing expertise.

28. Dutch IPA

  • Hop-forward craft beer

Dutch IPA marks the Netherlands’ foray into the craft beer movement. These IPAs are known for their bold hop flavors, aromatic profiles, and innovative brewing techniques. Dutch IPAs represent a modern twist on traditional brewing, appealing to those seeking a more adventurous beer experience.

Examples of Dutch IPA labels:

  • Brouwerij ‘t IJ IPA: A well-balanced IPA from a renowned Amsterdam brewery.
  • Uiltje Bird of Prey IPA: A fruity and hoppy IPA from Uiltje Brewing Company.

29. Dutch Blonde Ale

  • Light, flavorful ale

Dutch Blonde Ale is a delightful beer style offering a balanced blend of malt sweetness and hop bitterness. Its light, approachable character makes it a popular choice for those who enjoy a beer that’s both flavorful and easy to drink, embodying the versatility of Dutch brewing.

Examples of Dutch Blonde Ale labels:

  • La Trappe Blond: A flavorful, slightly sweet ale from a famous Trappist brewery.
  • Texels Skuumkoppe: A distinguished blonde ale from Texel Brewery.

30. Dutch Stout

  • Dark, robust beer

Dutch Stout is a style of beer known for its deep, dark color and rich, robust flavor profile. Often featuring notes of coffee and chocolate, Dutch Stouts are a testament to the country’s skill in crafting full-bodied, flavor-packed beers, appealing to those who savor intensity in their brews.

Examples of Dutch Stout labels:

  • De Molen Rasputin: A strong, flavorful imperial stout.
  • Jopen Extra Stout: A classic Dutch stout with a rich, dark character.

31. Bokbier

  • Seasonal Dutch beer

Bokbier is a traditional Dutch seasonal beer, typically enjoyed in autumn. Characterized by its rich, malty flavors and deep amber color, Bokbier offers a warming and comforting drinking experience, reflecting the Netherlands’ appreciation for seasonal brewing traditions.

Examples of Bokbier labels:

  • Grolsch Herfstbok: A seasonal favorite with rich caramel and malty flavors.
  • Hertog Jan Bockbier: A traditional autumn bock with a deep, robust taste.

32. Witbier

  • Refreshing wheat beer

Witbier, or white beer, is a light and refreshing Dutch beer style made from wheat. It’s often infused with spices like coriander and orange peel, offering a zesty, slightly spicy drinking experience. Witbier is perfect for those seeking a light, flavorful beer with a unique Dutch twist.

Examples of Witbier labels:

  • Hoegaarden Wit: Though originally Belgian, it’s a popular witbier in the Netherlands.
  • Wittekerke Witbier: A refreshing and slightly citrusy wheat beer.

33. Trappist Beer

  • Monastic Dutch beer

Trappist Beer, like La Trappe, is brewed by Dutch Trappist monks, following centuries-old traditions. These beers are known for their complexity and high quality, ranging from golden ales to rich, dark quadrupels. La Trappe, in particular, exemplifies the profound depth and reverence of monastic brewing in the Netherlands.

Examples of Trappist Beer labels:

  • La Trappe Quadrupel: A high-alcohol, complex and rich ale.
  • La Trappe Dubbel: A deep, malty, and slightly sweet dark Trappist ale.

3.3) Other Dutch Brewed and Fermented Alcoholic Drinks

34. Dutch Apple Cider

  • Refreshing apple beverage

Dutch Apple Cider is a delightful fermented drink made from the finest Dutch apples. Known for its crisp, refreshing taste, it often embodies a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. This cider showcases the Netherlands’ expertise in utilizing local produce to create beverages that are both delicious and characteristic of the region’s rich agricultural heritage.

35. Dutch Pear Cider

  • Pear-based alcoholic drink

Dutch Pear Cider, a lesser-known but equally exquisite cousin to apple cider, is made from juicy, ripe pears. This drink offers a unique, subtly sweet, and light flavor profile, making it a delightful alternative to traditional ciders. Dutch Pear Cider represents the innovative spirit of Dutch brewing, extending beyond beer to create unique, fruit-based alcoholic beverages.

4) Non-Alcoholic Drinks from The Netherlands (Holland)

4.1) Non-Alcoholic Dutch Beverages

36. Fristi

  • Yogurt-based fruit drink

Fristi is a popular Dutch yogurt-based drink, loved for its creamy texture and fruity flavors. It’s a delightful refreshment, often enjoyed by children and adults alike. Fristi’s unique combination of yogurt and fruit makes it a standout in the realm of non-alcoholic beverages, offering a nutritious and tasty option.

37. Rivella

  • Light herbal soda

Rivella is a distinctive Dutch soda with a light, refreshing taste. Made with herbal extracts and lactose-free milk serum, it offers a unique alternative to traditional soft drinks. Rivella’s subtle flavor profile makes it a favorite among those seeking a healthier, less sweet soda option.

38. Roosvicee

  • Fruit syrup beverage

Roosvicee is a beloved Dutch brand known for its fruit syrups and juices, particularly rich in vitamin C. Often mixed with water, it creates a sweet, fruity beverage that’s both delicious and nutritious. Roosvicee’s versatility and health benefits have made it a staple in Dutch households for generations.

39. Sisi

  • Fruity carbonated drink

Sisi is a Dutch carbonated soft drink with a variety of fruity flavors. It’s known for its less sugary profile compared to other sodas, making it a popular choice for a refreshing and relatively healthier drink option. Sisi embodies the Dutch preference for lighter, fruitier soft drinks.

40. Fernandes

  • Soft drink flavored with exotic fruits.

Fernandes is a line of tropical-flavored soft drinks, offering a taste of exotic fruits in a refreshing soda form. With vibrant colors and diverse flavors, Fernandes brings a tropical twist to the Dutch beverage market, appealing to those seeking a unique and adventurous drinking experience.

41. Dubbelfrisss

  • Sparkling fruit drink

Dubbelfrisss is a popular Dutch drink combining fruit juice with sparkling water. This refreshing beverage is known for its fruity taste and slight fizz, making it a delightful alternative to traditional sodas. Dubbelfrisss’s blend of natural fruit flavors and carbonation creates a thirst-quenching drink perfect for any occasion.

4.2) Hot Non-Alcoholic Dutch Beverages

42. Chocomel

  • Chocolate milk drink

Chocomel is a classic Dutch chocolate milk brand, cherished for its rich and creamy flavor. Often consumed warm, especially in colder months, it provides a comforting and indulgent treat. Chocomel’s popularity extends beyond the Netherlands, symbolizing the universal appeal of high-quality chocolate milk.

43. Dutch Hot Chocolate

  • Rich cocoa beverage

Dutch Hot Chocolate is a luxurious hot beverage, known for its rich, intense cocoa flavor. Traditionally made with high-quality Dutch cocoa and milk, it offers a cozy and decadent experience. This drink is a winter favorite, reflecting the Dutch love for rich and comforting flavors.

44. Anijsmelk

  • Anise-flavored milk

Anijsmelk is a traditional Dutch drink made by infusing hot milk with aniseed. This unique beverage is known for its soothing properties and distinctive flavor. Anijsmelk is often enjoyed before bedtime, offering a warm and comforting drink that’s deeply rooted in Dutch culinary traditions.

45. Sterrenmunt

  • Dutch herbal tea blend with anise and peppermint

Muntthee is Dutch mint tea. Sterrenmunt is Dutch herbal tea blend with anise, fennel, licorice and peppermint. Dutch herbal tea varieties are popular for their aromatic and therapeutic qualities. These teas often blend various herbs and spices, creating soothing and flavorful infusions, enjoyed in Dutch households on daily basis.

46. Verse Muntthee / Gemberthee

  • Hot water with fresh mint or ginger 

When you visit The Netherlands in the colder months, you will often see the Dutch ordering hot water with either fresh mint leaves (verse munt thee) or chunks of fresh ginger (verse gember thee), generally served with honey on the side.

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