54 Drinks from Colombia: Spirits | Cocktails | Wine | Beer | No-Alcohol

Welcome to the colorful world of Colombian drinks! This all-encompassing guide takes you on a journey through Colombia’s most popular beverages. From traditional spirits, cocktails and beers, to unique non-alcoholic drinks. We’ll explore every notable beverage Colombia offers. Get ready to explore a world full of flavor!

1.) Spirits from Colombia

1.1.) Colombian Liquor

Colombia is renowned for its rum and aguardiente, key spirits reflecting its culture. While its liquor range isn’t diverse, these specialties showcase Colombian heritage and tastes, overshadowing other spirits in local production.

1. Aguardiente

  • Traditional anise-flavored spirit.

Aguardiente, a cornerstone of Colombian culture, is a clear, anise-flavored spirit derived from sugarcane. It’s often consumed in social settings, symbolizing celebration and togetherness. With a unique taste and relatively low alcohol content, it’s not just a drink but an integral part of Colombian festivities. Aguardiente’s popularity makes it a must-try for anyone exploring Colombian liquors.

1.1.1.) Colombian Rum

2. Ron Medellín
  • Aged Colombian rum.

Ron Medellín, a distinguished Colombian rum, is renowned for its smooth, rich flavor, achieved through a meticulous aging process. Often aged for years, it offers a complex blend of sweetness and spice, making it a favorite among rum connoisseurs. Its deep, caramel tones make Ron Medellín an excellent choice for sipping neat or in sophisticated cocktails.

3. Ron Viejo de Caldas
  • Classic Colombian rum.

Ron Viejo de Caldas, a traditional Colombian rum, stands out with its amber hue and balanced flavor profile. It’s crafted in the coffee-rich region of Caldas, which imparts a unique character to the rum. Appreciated for its versatility, Ron Viejo de Caldas can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a base for a variety of cocktails, making it a staple in Colombian bars.

4. Ron Santafé
  • Smooth, light Colombian rum.

Ron Santafé is a lighter, smoother variety of Colombian rum, known for its subtle, refined taste. It’s often the rum of choice for those who prefer a gentler, more understated liquor. Its versatility makes it perfect for mixing in cocktails, where it complements rather than overpowers other flavors, embodying the spirit of Colombia’s capital.

5. Dictador Rum
  • Premium-aged Colombian rum.

Dictador Rum is a premium offering in the world of Colombian spirits. This luxury rum is aged using a unique solera system, creating a rich, complex flavor profile. Known for its deep, nuanced notes of coffee and caramel, Dictador is a favorite among rum aficionados seeking a sophisticated, high-quality drinking experience.

6. Ron Tres Esquinas
  • Artisanal Colombian rum.

Ron Tres Esquinas is an artisanal rum, embodying the craft spirit of Colombia. It’s distinguished by its handcrafted production process and unique flavor notes, which include hints of vanilla and spice. This rum appeals to those who appreciate the artistry in spirit-making and seek a more personal, authentic Colombian rum experience.

1.2.) Colombian Liqueurs

7. Sabajón

  • Creamy Colombian eggnog.

Sabajón is Colombia’s delightful take on eggnog, a creamy liqueur rich in flavor. Made from a blend of milk, eggs, sugar, and rum or aguardiente, it offers a comforting, velvety taste. Perfect for holidays and celebrations, Sabajón is not just a drink but a festive tradition, enjoyed both neat and in desserts.

8. Crema de Vie

  • Sweet and creamy dessert liqueur.

Crema de Vie, a sweet Colombian liqueur, is akin to a dessert in a glass. This creamy concoction, made from condensed milk, sugar, eggs, and rum, is often savored during festive seasons. Its smooth, rich flavor makes it a popular choice for sipping after dinner or as a luxurious addition to coffee.

1.3.) Other Colombian Spirits

9. Viche

  • Traditional Afro-Colombian spirit.

Viche is a traditional Afro-Colombian spirit with a rich cultural heritage. Made from sugarcane, it’s a clear, potent liquor deeply ingrained in the Pacific Coast communities. Viche is not only a beverage but also a symbol of ancestral traditions and communal celebrations, embodying the spirit and resilience of Afro-Colombian culture.

10. Tapetusa

  • Homemade corn spirit.

Tapetusa is a homemade spirit (moonshine) made from corn in the rural regions of Colombia. It’s crafted using traditional methods, resulting in a distinctively strong and raw flavor. Tapetusa is not just a drink but a reflection of Colombia’s deep-rooted homemade brewing culture, offering a taste that’s as authentic as it gets.

2.) Cocktails & Alcoholic Mixed Drinks from Colombia

2.1.) Colombian Cocktails & Mixed Drinks

11. Lulada Cocktail

  • Refreshing lulo fruit cocktail.

The Lulada Cocktail, a refreshing Colombian drink, features the unique lulo fruit, known for its tangy flavor. Mixed with lime, sugar, and often vodka or rum, this cocktail offers a burst of tropical freshness. It’s a perfect representation of Colombia’s exotic fruits and is a must-try for a refreshing, fruity drink experience.

12. Cholado Cocktail

  • Fruity, icy spiked rink.

The Cholado Cocktail is a delightful Colombian creation, brimming with tropical fruits and shaved ice, often spiked with rum. It’s a vibrant mix of flavors and textures, making it not just a drink but a colorful, sensory experience. This cocktail is a testament to Colombia’s rich fruit diversity and creative mixology.

13. Limonada de Coco with Rum

  • Coconut lemonade with rum.

Limonada de Coco with Rum is a tropical twist on traditional lemonade, blending coconut cream, lime, and rum. This creamy, zesty cocktail is both refreshing and indulgent, perfect for beach days or as a relaxing evening drink. It’s a fusion of Colombian coastal flavors, offering a sip of paradise.

14. Aguardiente Sour

  • Citrusy aguardiente cocktail.

The Aguardiente Sour is a variation of the classic sour cocktail, using Colombia’s beloved aguardiente. Typically mixed with lime or lemon juice and simple syrup, this drink is both refreshing and zesty, balancing the anise flavor of aguardiente with the tartness of citrus and a touch of sweetness. It’s a good choice for those looking to explore traditional spirits in a modern cocktail form.

15. Refajo

  • Beer and soda mix.

Refajo is a popular Colombian mixed drink combining beer with Colombiana, a sweet, fruity soda. This drink is known for its light, refreshing taste, making it a favorite at social gatherings. Refajo’s easy-to-enjoy nature embodies the laid-back, festive spirit of Colombian social life.

16. Tomaseca

  • Beer mixed with rum.

Tomaseca is a simple yet beloved Colombian mixed drink, combining beer with a shot of rum. This straightforward mix is popular for its easy-going nature and the way it elevates the casual beer experience. It’s a testament to Colombia’s no-fuss approach to enjoying good times and good drinks.

2.2.) Hot Colombian Alcoholic Beverages

17. Canelazo

  • Traditional spiced hot drink.

Canelazo is a warm, spiced beverage, popular especially in Colombian highlands. This blend of aguardiente, water, sugar, and cinnamon provides a comforting and aromatic experience. Ideal for chilly evenings, this drink offers both warmth and a sweet, spicy flavor. It’s a staple in Colombian celebrations, especially in the Andean region, symbolizing hospitality and shared moments of joy.

18. Chocolate Santafereño

  • Rich hot chocolate with cheese.

Chocolate Santafereño is a unique Colombian hot drink, combining rich hot chocolate with a surprising twist of melted cheese. Often enjoyed with a shot of rum, it’s a decadent treat that blends sweet and savory flavors. This drink is a comforting indulgence, perfect for cold mornings or as an evening treat.

19. Aguapanela con Limón y Aguardiente

  • Sugarcane and lemon hot drink.

Aguapanela con Limón y Aguardiente is a traditional Colombian hot drink, made from unrefined cane sugar (panela), lemon, and aguardiente. This combination creates a soothing, sweet, and slightly tangy beverage, often enjoyed as a remedy for colds or as a comforting drink. It’s a testament to Colombia’s natural ingredients and its ability to create simple yet delightful flavors.

20. Carajillo

  • Coffee with a kick.

Carajillo is a popular Colombian drink where coffee meets liquor, usually rum or aguardiente. This simple yet powerful concoction combines the boldness of coffee with the smoothness of spirits, creating a perfect balance. It’s a favored pick-me-up, ideal for those chilly evenings or as an after-dinner digestif, reflecting Colombia’s rich coffee culture and spirit traditions.

3.) Brewed & Fermented Alcoholic Beverages from Colombia

3.1.) Colombian Wines

Colombia’s tropical climate is not ideal for grape wine production, unlike neighboring Argentina and Chile. While some grape wine is made in cooler areas like Boyacá and Cundinamarca, it’s limited and less known globally. Colombia excels in unique fruit wines, reflecting its rich culture and biodiversity.

21. Vino de Currulao

  • Tropical fruit-based wine.

Vino de Currulao, a unique Colombian fruit wine, is crafted from the exotic currulao fruit, native to Colombia’s biodiverse regions. This wine stands out for its distinctive tropical flavor and aroma, offering a sweet, slightly tangy taste. It’s a delightful representation of Colombia’s ability to create exquisite wines from its rich variety of native fruits.

22. Vino de Naranja

  • Orange-infused Colombian wine.

Vino de Naranja is a specialty wine from Colombia, infused with the zest and juice of fresh oranges. This wine combines the citrusy notes of oranges with the traditional wine-making process, resulting in a uniquely refreshing and aromatic beverage. It’s a testament to Colombia’s innovative approach to winemaking, using locally sourced, vibrant fruits.

23. Vino de Lulo

  • Lulo fruit wine.

Vino de Lulo is a Colombian wine made from the lulo fruit, renowned for its sharp, citrus-like flavor. This wine captures the essence of lulo’s tart and refreshing taste, offering a wine experience unlike any traditional grape wine. Vino de Lulo embodies the innovative spirit of Colombian winemaking, utilizing the country’s native fruits to create exceptional wines.

3.2.) Colombian Beers

24. Club Colombia

  • Premium Colombian beer.

Club Colombia is recognized as a premium beer in Colombia, boasting a refined taste and high-quality brewing standards. Available in several varieties, including Dorada, Roja, and Negra, it caters to diverse palates. Its reputation for excellence makes it a favorite among beer enthusiasts, symbolizing the sophistication of Colombian brewing.

25. Águila

  • Iconic Colombian lager.

Águila is an iconic Colombian lager, deeply ingrained in the country’s culture. Known for its light, crisp taste, it’s a staple at social gatherings and sporting events. Águila’s widespread popularity makes it synonymous with the Colombian beer scene, offering a refreshing experience that perfectly complements the country’s warm climate.

26. Poker

  • Popular, easy-drinking beer.

Poker is a well-liked beer in Colombia, famed for its smooth, easy-drinking quality. Often associated with friendship and casual get-togethers, Poker beer is a go-to choice for many Colombians. Its light, approachable flavor profile makes it an ideal choice for long, leisurely social occasions.

27. Pilsen

  • Traditional Colombian pilsner.

Pilsen is a classic Colombian pilsner, renowned for its crisp, refreshing taste. A longtime favorite, it reflects the traditional brewing techniques of Colombia. Pilsen’s popularity is due to its straightforward, enjoyable nature, making it a reliable choice for any casual occasion.

28. Andina

  • Diverse flavored Colombian beer.

Andina is a Colombian beer known for its range of unique flavors, reflecting the diverse landscape of the country. It offers a variety of styles, from light and fruity to rich and malty, catering to a broad spectrum of preferences. Andina’s commitment to diversity in flavor showcases the innovative spirit of Colombian brewing.

29. Costeña

  • Light coastal beer.

Costeña, a light beer from Colombia’s coastal regions, is known for its crisp and refreshing taste. It’s a popular choice in the warm, tropical climate of the coast, ideal for cooling off on hot days. Costeña’s breezy, light character makes it a perfect accompaniment to the laid-back, seaside lifestyle.

30. La Pola

  • Historical Colombian beer.

La Pola is a beer with historical significance in Colombia, named after the revolutionary heroine Policarpa Salavarrieta. It’s a tribute to the country’s rich history and is appreciated for its traditional flavor. La Pola beer is a symbol of Colombian pride and heritage, offering a taste that’s both historical and enjoyable.

3.3.) Other Traditional Colombian Brewed & Fermented Alcoholic Beverages

31. Chicha

  • Indigenous corn brew.

Chicha is an ancestral alcoholic beverage in Colombia, traditionally made from fermented maize. This drink holds immense cultural significance, tracing back to indigenous rituals. Chicha varies in flavor and strength across regions, but consistently represents a deep connection to Colombian heritage and the time-honored practices of its indigenous peoples. Put simply, chicha is corn beer.

32. Zhuke

  • Indigenous brew from corn and grains.

Zhuke is an ancient fermented drink made out of corn and grains, such as amarant that is a relative to quinoa. It is similar in taste and preparation to chicha, but it is more nutritious and less bitter thanks to the inclusion of grains.

33. Masato

  • Fermented yuca drink.

Masato is a traditional Colombian beverage made from fermented yuca (cassava). Often sweetened with panela (unrefined cane sugar) and flavored with spices like cinnamon, this drink has a unique, mildly tangy taste. Masato is deeply rooted in Colombian rural culture, often made in homes and enjoyed as a symbol of hospitality and community.

34. Guarapo

  • Sugarcane fermented drink.

Guarapo, or Guarapo Fermentado, is a traditional Colombian beverage made by fermenting sugarcane juice, with sweet, refreshing taste and varying alcoholic strength. It is a rustic drink, often enjoyed in rural areas, offering a taste of the countryside’s authentic flavors. Guarapo is a testament to Colombia’s resourcefulness in utilizing its abundant sugarcane crops, creating a drink that’s both enjoyable and deeply connected to the country’s agricultural practices.

35. Cocuy

  • Fermented agave drink.

Cocuy is a distinctive Colombian spirit, crafted from the fermented juices of the agave plant. With a history rooted in indigenous traditions, Cocuy offers a unique, earthy flavor profile. Its cultural significance and growing popularity make it a must-try for those exploring the depth of Colombia’s spirit landscape.

36. Chirrinchi / Chirrinche

  • Strong artisanal drink from sugar cane.

Chirrinchi, or Chirrinche, is a potent, intensely strong artisanal spirit. Depending on which part of Colombia it comes from, Chirrinche can be distilled or fermented from sugar cane juice, with the optional addition of various herbs. Traditionally made in rural areas, it embodies the rustic, authentic spirit-making traditions of the countryside. Chirrinchi is often homemade, carrying the essence of local customs and practices. It offers a genuine experience of Colombia’s local liquor culture, often enjoyed in small, communal gatherings. In some parts of the country, Chirrinchi is considered a spiritual drink, and forms a part of celebrations as well as funerals.

37. Yoco

  • Indigenous Amazonian brew.

Yoco is an indigenous brew from the Colombian Amazon, unique in its preparation and flavor. Made from native plants, it’s a traditional drink of the indigenous communities. It is a known stimulant that gives energy and suppresses hunger. Yoco is less about the taste and more about the cultural experience, offering a rare glimpse into the ancient practices and rituals of Colombia’s Amazonian inhabitants.

4.) Non-Alcoholic Beverages from Colombia (Cold & Hot)

4.1.) Non-Alcoholic Colombian Drinks

38. Colombiana

  • Classic Colombian soda.

Colombiana is a beloved soda in Colombia, famous for its unique, sweet, and slightly fruity flavor. Resembling cream soda with a tropical twist, it’s a staple at Colombian gatherings. Colombiana is not just a soft drink; it’s a part of Colombian cultural identity, often enjoyed on its own or used in traditional mixed drinks like Refajo.

39. Postobón

  • Popular Colombian soft drink.

Postobón is one of Colombia’s most recognized soft drink brands, offering a variety of flavors including apple, grape, and pineapple. Known for its vibrant taste and refreshing quality, Postobón is a go-to drink for a quick, sweet refreshment, reflecting the lively spirit of Colombian beverages.

40. Lulo Juice

  • Tangy tropical juice.

Lulo Juice is made from the exotic lulo fruit, native to Colombia. It has a unique, tangy taste that’s both refreshing and invigorating. Lulo juice is not only a delicious drink but also a window into Colombia’s rich fruit diversity, offering a taste experience unlike any typical fruit juice.

41. Guanábana Juice

  • Creamy soursop juice.

Guanábana Juice, made from the guanábana fruit (also known as soursop), is known for its creamy texture and complex flavor, blending notes of strawberry, pineapple, and citrus. This juice is a favorite in Colombia for its delightful taste and is believed to have health benefits, making it a popular choice for a nutritious refreshment.

42. Maracuyá Juice

  • Refreshing passion fruit juice.

Maracuyá Juice, derived from the passion fruit, is a refreshing drink famous in Colombia for its vibrant, tangy flavor. It’s a thirst-quenching beverage, ideal for hot days, and is also used as a base in various Colombian cocktails, showcasing the fruit’s versatility.

43. Tamarindo Juice

  • Sweet and sour tamarind drink.

Tamarindo Juice is a popular drink in Colombia, made from the tamarind fruit. It offers a unique balance of sweet and sour flavors, making it a distinctive and refreshing choice. This juice is not only a delight to the palate but also a part of Colombia’s diverse culinary landscape.

44. Salpicón

  • Colombian fruit cocktail drink.

Salpicón is a colorful and refreshing Colombian drink, essentially a fruit cocktail in liquid form. It’s a mix of various tropical fruits in juice, often served with chunks of fruit floating in it. Salpicón is not just a beverage; it’s a fruity, edible treat, popular on hot days and at festive occasions.

45. Champús

  • Traditional maize and fruit drink.

Champús is a traditional Colombian beverage made from maize, fruits like pineapple and lulo, and spices like cinnamon and cloves. This drink has a unique, slightly thick texture and a complex, spiced flavor. Champús is deeply rooted in Colombian tradition, often consumed as a refreshing and nourishing treat.

46. Hit

  • Variety of fruit-flavored drinks.

Hit is a popular brand of fruit-flavored beverages in Colombia, offering a wide range of flavors like mango, apple, and blackberry. Known for its refreshing and fruity taste, Hit is a favorite among all age groups, making it a common household staple for a quick, delightful drink.

47. Pony Malta

  • Non-alcoholic malt beverage.

Pony Malta is a non-alcoholic malt beverage, deeply loved in Colombia. It has a sweet, beer-like taste without the alcohol content, making it popular among all ages. Often consumed as an energy booster, Pony Malta is a part of daily life in Colombia, enjoyed for its unique flavor and nourishing qualities.

48. Kola Román

  • Bright red cola drink.

Kola Román is a striking red-colored cola, a unique and iconic soft drink in Colombia. Known for its sweet, fruity flavor, it’s a festive and fun beverage option, often seen at parties and celebrations. Kola Román is not just a drink; it’s a part of Colombia’s vibrant drink culture, offering a visually and tastefully distinct experience.

4.2.) Hot Non-Alcoholic Colombian Drinks

49. Chocolate Santafereño

  • Traditional hot chocolate.

Chocolate Santafereño is a beloved Colombian hot chocolate, rich and creamy in texture. Traditionally served with cheese that melts into the hot chocolate, it offers a unique combination of sweet and savory flavors. This drink is a comforting treat, often enjoyed in the mornings or as an evening delight, reflecting the warmth of Colombian hospitality.

50. Aguapanela

  • Sweet cane sugar drink.

Aguapanela is a simple yet popular Colombian drink made from panela (unrefined cane sugar) dissolved in hot water. It’s cherished for its sweet, comforting taste and is often served with a squeeze of lemon or a dash of cheese. Aguapanela is not just a beverage; it’s a traditional remedy for colds and a staple in Colombian homes.

51. Café Colombiano

  • World-renowned Colombian coffee.

Café Colombiano is globally acclaimed for its high quality and rich flavor profile. Grown in Colombia’s unique climate and topography, this coffee offers a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. A cup of Café Colombiano is a quintessential experience, showcasing Colombia’s pride and excellence in coffee production.

52. Tinto

  • Traditional Colombian black coffee.

Tinto is the everyday Colombian black coffee, known for its strong, bold flavor. It’s a fundamental part of daily life in Colombia, often enjoyed as a morning kickstarter or an afternoon pick-me-up. Tinto is more than just coffee; it’s a cultural symbol, representing the simplicity and richness of Colombian life.

53. Aromática

  • Colombian herbal tea.

Aromática is a Colombian herbal infusion, a soothing blend of various fruits and herbs. Each preparation is unique, often including ingredients like chamomile, mint, or lemon. It’s not only a delightful beverage but also a testament to Colombia’s natural biodiversity and the use of local ingredients for health and well-being.

54. Infusión de Cedrón

  • Lemongrass herbal infusion.

Infusión de Cedrón is a popular herbal tea in Colombia, made from the leaves of the cedrón plant, similar to lemongrass. Known for its refreshing, citrusy flavor, it’s often consumed for its soothing properties and digestive benefits. This infusion is a staple in Colombian households, representing the traditional use of native plants for health and enjoyment.


This comprehensive compilation captures the essence of Colombia’s beverage culture, offering a taste of its rich and diverse drink traditions. Embark on a flavorful adventure with our guide, where every sip tells a story of Colombia’s vibrant drink culture. Cheers to discovery!

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