45 Drinks from Chile You Didn’t Know: Spirits | Cocktails | Wine | Beer | No-Alcohol

This drink roundup will give you a detailed view of Chile’s beverage culture, showcasing the diversity and richness of options available—from traditional spirits and wines, through innovative beers and cocktails, to comforting non-alcoholic drinks, captivating for both connoisseurs and curious minds alike.

1.) Spirits from Chile

1.1.) Chilean Liquor

1. Pisco

  • Grape-based spirit

Pisco, the pride of Chilean spirits, is a grape-based brandy renowned for its smooth texture and potent flavor. Distilled from select grape varieties in Chile’s Pisco Denomination of Origin regions, this spirit is a cornerstone of Chilean culture and celebrations, often enjoyed neat or in iconic cocktails like the Pisco Sour.

2. Aguardiente de Uva

  • Grape-based spirit

Aguardiente de Uva stands as a testament to Chile’s rich viticulture, offering a robust spirit distilled from grapes. Less known outside of Chile, this spirit embodies the traditional distillation methods, presenting a unique taste that captures the essence of Chilean grape varieties.

1.2.) Chilean Liqueurs

3. Licor de oro

  • Herbal liqueur

Licor de Oro, a golden-hued herbal liqueur, is cherished for its sweet, aromatic profile, making it a favored after-dinner drink in Chile. Infused with a blend of herbs and spices, it’s a testament to Chilean craftsmanship in creating liqueurs that warm the soul and ignite the senses.

4. Rica-Rica

  • Herbal liqueur from Rica-Rica

Rica-Rica liqueur, distilled from the native Rica-Rica herb found in Chile’s Atacama Desert, offers a unique taste of Chile’s diverse flora. This aromatic liqueur captures the essence of the desert, providing a herbal and refreshing sip that’s distinctly Chilean.

5. Murtado

  • Murta berry-based liqueur

Murtado liqueur celebrates the indigenous Murta berry, a staple in Chilean liqueur production. With its sweet and slightly tart profile, this liqueur encapsulates the rich biodiversity of Chile, offering a taste that’s as unique as the country’s landscapes.

6. Licor de Calafate

  • Calafate berry-based liqueur

Licor de Calafate is a liqueur steeped in Patagonian tradition, crafted from the Calafate berry, known for its deep, rich flavor. This liqueur not only offers a taste of the wild Patagonian landscapes but also embodies the spirit of Chilean folklore and the legend of eternal return.

2.) Cocktails & Alcoholic Mixed Drinks from Chile

2.1.) Chilean Cocktails

7. Piscola

  • Pisco and cola

Piscola, a beloved Chilean cocktail, combines the national spirit Pisco with cola, creating a refreshing and spirited drink. Popular across Chile, Piscola is a social staple, embodying the lively Chilean spirit and often enjoyed at gatherings and celebrations.

8. Sour de Pisco

  • Pisco, lime juice, and sweetener

Sour de Pisco is Chile’s twist on the classic sour cocktail, using local Pisco, fresh lime juice, and a dash of sweetener. This cocktail is a showcase of Chilean bartending artistry, offering a balance of tartness, sweetness, and the distinctive flavor of Pisco.

9. Mango Sour

  • Pisco, mango, lime juice, and sweetener

Mango Sour introduces a tropical twist to the traditional Sour de Pisco, blending ripe mangoes with Pisco, lime juice, and sweetener. This cocktail is a testament to Chile’s innovative mixology, perfectly marrying local spirit traditions with exotic flavors.

10. Terremoto

Fermented wine and pineapple ice cream

Terremoto, meaning “earthquake,” is a unique Chilean cocktail that shakes up fermented wine with a scoop of pineapple ice cream. This unconventional mix results in a surprisingly delightful drink, capturing the fun and unpredictability of Chile’s cocktail scene.

11. Borgoña

  • Red wine and chopped fruit

Borgoña, a refreshing Chilean sangria-like drink, combines red wine with an assortment of chopped fruits. This cocktail is a summertime favorite, perfect for sipping on warm evenings, and reflects Chile’s rich wine culture and love for fresh produce.

12. Michelada

  • Beer, lime juice, and spices

Michelada is a spicy and tangy beer cocktail, popular in Chile, that mixes lager with lime juice and assorted spices. It’s a versatile drink, often customized with different levels of spice and flavorings, embodying the dynamic nature of Chilean tastes.

2.2.) Chilean Hot Alcoholic Beverages

13. Cola de Mono

  • Coffee, milk, sugar, spices, and aguardiente

Cola de Mono, translating to “Monkey’s Tail,” is a traditional Chilean Christmas drink, blending coffee with milk, sugar, spices, and aguardiente. This comforting and aromatic beverage is a holiday staple, bringing warmth and cheer to Chilean festive celebrations.

3.) Brewed & Fermented Alcoholic Beverages from Chile

3.1.) Chilean Wines

Chilean wines, celebrated for their rich diversity and quality, stem from unique microclimates spanning from the Atacama Desert to the southernmost regions. The iconic Carménère, along with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, highlights the red wine spectrum, while Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc lead the whites. Esteemed wine regions like Maipo and Casablanca Valley contribute to a broad flavor palette, making Chile a pivotal player in the global wine arena, beloved by connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.

3.1.1.) Red Wine from Chile

14. Carménère
  • Chile’s signature red

Carménère, once lost to France, thrives in Chile’s climate, offering a unique taste profile with notes of red fruits, spices, and sometimes a hint of green pepper. It’s a symbol of Chilean wine identity, perfect for those exploring the country’s vinicultural depth.

15. Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Robust red wine

Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon is renowned for its full-bodied profile, combining flavors of blackcurrant and dark cherry with robust tannins. It’s a testament to Chile’s capability to produce world-class wines that rival any from traditional wine countries.

16. Merlot
  • Soft, fruity red wine

Chilean Merlot is known for its soft, velvety texture and ripe fruit flavors, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of palates. It’s a reflection of Chile’s diverse terroir, offering a smoother alternative to the more robust reds.

17. Pinot Noir
  • Elegant, light red

Pinot Noir from Chile is gaining acclaim for its elegance and complexity, with notes of red berries and a subtle earthiness. It’s a testament to the versatility of Chile’s wine regions, particularly cooler areas like the Casablanca Valley.

18. Syrah
  • Spicy, bold red wine

Chilean Syrah is characterized by its bold flavors of dark fruit and black pepper, with a smoky finish. It showcases the adaptability of Chilean vineyards to produce intense, flavorful wines that stand out on the global stage.

3.1.2.) White Wine from Chile

19. Chardonnay
  • Crisp, elegant white

Chile’s Chardonnay is celebrated for its crispness and elegance, often with a hint of minerality and citrus notes, reflecting the cool coastal influences of regions like Limarí and Casablanca Valleys.

20. Sauvignon Blanc
  • Zesty, aromatic white

Sauvignon Blanc from Chile is known for its zesty acidity and aromatic profile, with flavors ranging from crisp green apple to tropical fruits, making it a refreshing choice, especially from coastal regions.

21. Viognier
  • Fragrant, full-bodied white

Viognier in Chile is a full-bodied white with a notable fragrance of stone fruits and flowers, offering a lush palate that’s increasingly popular among white wine enthusiasts looking for complexity.

22. Riesling
  • Crisp, aromatic white

Chilean Riesling, though less common, delivers crisp acidity and aromatic intensity, with flavors of lime and green apple, reflecting the cool climate of Chile’s high-altitude vineyards.

23. Gewürztraminer
  • Spicy, floral white wine

Gewürztraminer from Chile stands out for its spicy bouquet and floral notes, with a hint of sweetness, making it a unique offering for those seeking aromatic white wines with character.

3.1.3.) Sparkling Wine from Chile

24. Espumante
  • Chilean sparkling wine

Espumante is Chile’s take on sparkling wine, offering bubbly refreshment with a variety of styles from brut to demi-sec. It’s a testament to Chile’s growing diversity in wine production, perfect for celebrations or as an aperitif.

3.1.4.) Dessert Wine from Chile

25. Late Harvest
  • Sweet, dessert wine

Chile’s Late Harvest wines are a sweet delight, made from grapes like Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc left on the vines to concentrate their sugars, resulting in rich, luscious wines perfect for dessert pairings.

3.2.) Chilean Beers

Chile’s burgeoning beer scene marries traditional flavors with innovative craft brewing, led by pioneers like Kunstmann and popular brands like Escudo. The diverse landscape, from Patagonian wilds to Andean peaks, inspires a variety of beer styles, infusing local ingredients into each brew. Microbreweries like Altamira and Kross are expanding Chile’s beer repertoire, positioning the country as an emerging force in the global craft beer community, appealing to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

26. Cristal

  • Chile’s leading lager

Cristal, Chile’s best-selling beer, is celebrated for its light, easy-drinking nature, perfect for Chile’s diverse climate and a staple at social events across the country.

27. Escudo

  • Popular Chilean lager

Escudo is synonymous with Chilean gatherings, known for its crisp, refreshing taste that makes it a go-to lager for any casual occasion, embodying the straightforward character of Chilean beers.

3.2.1.) Craft Beer from Chile

28. Altamira
  • Artisanal brewery flavors

Altamira Brewery stands out for its small-batch, artisanal approach, offering everything from classic ales to innovative seasonal brews, catering to the discerning palates of craft beer enthusiasts.

29. Rothhammer
  • Bold, innovative craft beer

Rothhammer, known for pushing the boundaries of Chilean craft beer, offers bold flavors and innovative brews, ideal for those looking to explore beyond traditional beer styles.

30. Kross
  • Award-winning craft beer

Kross Brewery is renowned for its quality and innovation, with award-winning beers like Kross 5 and Golden Ale, making it a beacon of Chilean craft beer excellence.

31. Szot
  • Family-run brewery, unique flavors

Szot Brewery, with its family-run ethos, produces unique beers that range from traditional styles to experimental batches, reflecting the personal touch in their brewing process.

32. Cerveza Austral
  • Patagonian craft beer

Cerveza Austral, rooted in the heart of Patagonia, epitomizes the spirit of the region with its craft beers that range from Pale Ales to dark Calafate Ale, using local ingredients for a distinct taste.

33. Kunstmann
  • German-inspired craft beer

Kunstmann is a testament to Chile’s German heritage, offering beers from Torobayo Ale to unique Honey Beer. It’s a favorite for those seeking quality and tradition in their beer.

3.3.) Other Chilean Fermented Alcoholic Drinks

34. Chicha de Uva

  • Traditional grape ferment

Chicha de Uva, a traditional fermented grape beverage, is a staple during Chile’s grape harvest festivals, offering a sweet, rustic taste that connects drinkers to Chilean agricultural roots.

35. Chicha de Maíz

  • Indigenous corn brew

Chicha de Maíz is an indigenous beverage with deep cultural roots, made from fermented corn, offering a sweet, earthy flavor that’s integral to Chilean rural celebrations and traditions.

36. Chicha de Cebada

  • Barley fermented drink

Chicha de Cebada, a barley-based fermented drink, offers a beer-like experience with a traditional twist, reflecting the adaptability and richness of Chile’s brewing traditions.

37. Sidra

  • Refreshing apple cider

Chilean Sidra, made from locally grown apples, provides a crisp and refreshing alternative to traditional beers and wines, with a growing popularity in Chile’s burgeoning craft beverage scene.

4.) Non-Alcoholic Drinks from Chile

4.1.) Chilean Cold Non-Alcoholic Beverages

38. Mote con Huesillo

  • Traditional peach drink

Mote con Huesillo, a beloved Chilean refreshment, combines sweet peach nectar with whole wheat kernels and sun-dried peaches, offering a unique taste and texture experience that’s deeply rooted in Chilean tradition.

39. Jugo de Calafate

  • Berry juice from Patagonia

Jugo de Calafate, made from the Patagonian Calafate berry, is known for its vibrant color and antioxidant properties, offering a taste of Chile’s wild southern landscapes with every sip.

40. Jugo de Rosa Mosqueta

  • Nutritious rosehip juice

Jugo de Rosa Mosqueta, crafted from the fruit of the rose plant, is prized for its health benefits, offering a tangy flavor and a vitamin-rich boost that’s popular in Chilean households.

41. Agua de Hierbas

  • Herbal infused water

Agua de Hierbas is a refreshing Chilean staple, made by infusing water with a blend of aromatic herbs like mint or lemon verbena, offering a natural and soothing drink option.

4.2.) Chilean Hot Non-Alcoholic Beverages

42. Café con Piernas

  • Unique Chilean coffee experience

Café con Piernas, translating to “coffee with legs,” is a unique Chilean coffee experience, known for its strong espresso served in stand-up cafes by elegantly dressed baristas, blending quality coffee with a distinct service style.

43. Mate

  • Traditional South American tea

Mate, a traditional South American herbal tea, is embraced in Chile for its energizing effects and communal drinking culture, often shared among friends and family.

44. Té de Boldo

  • Digestive herbal tea

Té de Boldo is a popular Chilean herbal tea made from the leaves of the boldo tree, known for its digestive benefits and distinct, slightly bitter flavor, often consumed after meals.

45. Té de Canela

  • Cinnamon-flavored tea

Té de Canela, or cinnamon tea, is a comforting and aromatic beverage enjoyed in Chile, especially during the colder months, known for its sweet, warming properties.

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