56 Canadian Drinks You Should Try: Spirits | Cocktails | Wine | Beer | No-Alcohol

Whether you’re looking for a warming sip of a hot maple buttered rum on a chilly evening or the refreshing zest of a craft soda on a sunny day, Canada’s beverage landscape has something for everyone.

From the iconic Ceasar cocktail, through the uniquely Canadian maple spirits, to the world-renowned ice wine—this list spans the full spectrum of Canadian drinks, making it a definitive guide for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.

1.) Spirits from Canada

1.1.) Canadian Liquor

Canadian liquor reflects the country’s rich distilling heritage and natural bounty, from the globally recognized whiskies to the innovative craft spirits that include vodka, rum, gin, and brandy. These spirits are a testament to Canada’s commitment to quality, tradition, and the exploration of unique local flavors, making Canadian liquor a cherished commodity both domestically and internationally.

1. Whiskey

Canadian whiskey is renowned for its smoothness and often high rye content, offering a range of flavors from light and crisp to rich and robust.

Examples of popular brands:

  • Canadian Club: A classic whiskey known for its smooth, versatile flavor, making it a favorite for cocktails and sipping alike.
  • Crown Royal: Distinct for its rich flavor and velvety texture, often enjoyed neat or in refined cocktails.
  • Forty Creek: Offers complex whiskies with a unique blending process, celebrated for their craftsmanship and innovation.
  • Glen Breton Rare: Known as Canada’s first single malt whiskey, offering a distinctive smooth taste with apple orchard notes.
  • Pike Creek: Aged in barrels in a non-climate-controlled warehouse, leading to a whiskey rich in character and complexity.
  • Lot No. 40: A rye whiskey that showcases the bold, spicy flavor of Canadian rye grain, with a deep and complex profile.
  • Gooderham & Worts: Revered for its rich history and complex blend of grains, producing a whiskey that’s both nuanced and bold.

2. Vodka

Canadian vodkas stand out for their purity and innovative flavors, often distilled using the finest local ingredients.

Examples of popular brands:

  • Crystal Head Vodka: Distinctive for its skull-shaped bottle and pure spirit, filtered through Herkimer diamonds for clarity.
  • Iceberg Vodka: Made from water harvested from icebergs, offering unparalleled smoothness and a crisp, clean taste.
  • TAG No. 1 Vodka: Crafted for the discerning palate, it’s known for its ultra-smooth profile and clean finish.
  • Lucky Bastard Vodka: Small-batch vodka from Saskatchewan, celebrated for its smoothness and grain-to-glass ethos.
  • Nutrl Vodka: Simple and straightforward, this vodka is appreciated for its no-nonsense, clean flavor profile.

3. Gin

Canadian gins are celebrated for their botanical diversity, incorporating local ingredients to create gins that are vibrant and distinctive.

Examples of popular brands:

  • Ungava Gin: Uniquely Canadian, made with botanicals from the Arctic region, resulting in a bright yellow color and a taste that’s as bold as it is unique.
  • Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers Gin: Known for its use of local botanicals, offering a floral and citrusy profile that’s refreshingly modern.
  • Victoria Gin: Balances traditional and contemporary flavors, with a complex profile that’s both harmonious and intriguing.
  • Empress 1908 Gin: Famous for its striking indigo color, which changes to pink when mixed with tonic, thanks to the butterfly pea flower.

4. Brandy

Canadian brandies are crafted with a nod to tradition and a focus on the nuanced flavors of locally sourced fruits.

Examples of popular brands:

  • Pemberton Distillery Apple Brandy: Made from organic apples, this brandy is a fine example of how local produce can be transformed into exquisite spirits.
  • Maple Brandy: Combining the warmth of brandy with the rich sweetness of maple, this spirit offers a distinctly Canadian twist on traditional brandy.

5. Eau-de-vie

Eau-de-vie in Canada is a clear, fruit-based brandy, distilled to capture the essence of the fruit’s flavor. Canadian distillers use local fruits like apples, pears, and cherries, creating eaux-de-vie that are aromatic, crisp, and embody the purity of the distilled fruit.

Examples of popular brands:

  • Okanagan Spirits: Known for a wide range of eaux-de-vie, including pear and apple, showcasing the rich fruit bounty of British Columbia.
  • La Distillerie de Montréal: Offers a unique selection, such as their Raspberry Eau-de-vie, highlighting Quebec’s local fruit produce.
  • Merridale Cidery & Distillery: Their Apple Eau-de-vie is crafted from estate-grown apples, reflecting the orchard’s quality and the distillery’s artisanal approach.

6. Rum

While not a traditional rum-producing nation, Canada’s foray into rum distillation has yielded unique offerings, including those infused with local flavors like maple. Canadian rums often reflect the country’s natural resources, history and maritime connections, with aging processes adapted to the northern climate, resulting in rich and warming spirits that range from traditional to uniquely Canadian flavors.

Examples of popular brands:

  • Newfoundland Screech: A dark rum with a storied history, known for its strong character and connection to Canadian maritime traditions.
  • Lemon Hart Rum: Famous for its rich, full-bodied flavor, often used in baking and cocktail making.
  • Cabot Trail Maple Rum: Blends the warmth of rum with the iconic sweetness of Canadian maple, creating a uniquely flavored spirit.
  • Chic Choc Spiced Rum: Infused with spices from the Chic Choc mountains in Quebec, offering a rum with a distinctive, adventurous taste.

1.1.1.) Other Canadian Spirits

Canada’s spirits landscape extends beyond the traditional categories, embracing a variety of unique and innovative spirits. From the resurgence of absinthe to the tradition of aquavit, and the craft of making moonshine and birch syrup spirits, Canadian distillers are exploring diverse flavors and methods, reflecting the country’s rich natural resources and pioneering spirit.

7. Absinthe
  • Herbaceous, potent spirit.

Absinthe in Canada has seen a revival, with distillers producing this once-banned spirit using traditional recipes and locally sourced botanicals, offering a complex and aromatic experience.

  • Taboo Genuine Absinthe: Produced in the Okanagan Valley, known for its authentic recipe and traditional distillation methods.
8. Aquavit
  • Caraway-infused, aromatic spirit.

Canadian aquavit is a nod to the country’s Nordic connections, distilled with a blend of local herbs and spices, embodying the spirit of exploration and heritage.

  • Island Spirits Distillery Aquavit: Hails from British Columbia, celebrated for its unique blend of Canadian botanicals.
9. Canadian Moonshine
  • Clear, high-proof spirit

Moonshine in Canada taps into the country’s history of bootlegging, with modern distilleries offering refined takes on this high-proof spirit, often using local ingredients.

  • Last Mountain Distillery: Their moonshine is praised for its smoothness and innovative flavors.
10. Birch Syrup Spirits
  • Earthy, subtly sweet spirit.

Birch syrup spirits, a unique Canadian innovation, are made by fermenting and distilling the sap of birch trees, resulting in spirits with a subtle sweetness and distinctive flavor profile.

  • Wayward Distillation House: Known for using birch syrup in their spirits, offering a truly Canadian taste.

1.2.) Canadian Liqueurs

11. Canadian Maple Liqueur

Canadian Maple Liqueurs seamlessly blend the rich, authentic sweetness of Canadian maple syrup with refined spirits, creating a smooth, indulgent experience that encapsulates Canada’s iconic maple heritage. These liqueurs are celebrated for their versatility, enjoyed neat, over ice, or as a distinctive addition to cocktails, offering a taste of Canadian tradition in every sip.

Popular brands of Canadian maple liqueurs include:

  • Sortilège Whisky Maple Liqueur: Combines the robustness of Canadian whisky with the delicate sweetness of Quebec maple syrup, creating a harmonious and richly flavored liqueur.
  • Coureur des Bois Maple Whisky Liqueur: Offers a unique blend of Canadian whisky and maple syrup, resulting in a liqueur that is both sweet and complex, with a distinctly Canadian character.
  • Maple Ridge Liqueur: A rum-based maple liqueur that perfectly balances the warmth of rum with the natural sweetness of Canadian maple syrup, offering a smooth and inviting sip with a hint of the Canadian wilderness.
  • Cabot Trail Maple Cream: A creamy, decadent liqueur that marries the smooth texture of cream with the unmistakable sweetness of pure Canadian maple syrup.

1.2.1.) Other Canadian Liqueurs

12. Nanaimo Bar Cream Liqueur
  • Iconic dessert liqueur.

Nanaimo Bar Cream Liqueur brings the beloved Canadian dessert to life in liquid form, featuring layers of chocolate, custard, and coconut flavors. This creamy liqueur is a tribute to Canadian culinary creativity, perfect for dessert cocktails or enjoying on its own as a sweet treat.

13. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Liqueur
  • Spicy cinnamon spirit.

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Liqueur is a bold Canadian concoction known for its fiery cinnamon spice and smooth whisky base. This liqueur heats up any gathering, served as a fiery shot or mixed into cocktails, embodying the adventurous spirit of Canadian distilleries.

14. Cherry Whisky Liqueur
  • Fruity whisky-based spirit.

Cherry Whisky Liqueur from Canadian distilleries combines the robust flavors of whisky with the sweet and tart notes of cherries. This fusion creates a complex, flavorful liqueur that’s perfect for enhancing cocktails or enjoying as a standalone sipper, showcasing the versatility of Canadian spirits. Popular brands include Wayne Gretzky Estates Cherry Whisky, and Forty Creek Barrel Select Cherry Whisky Liqueur.

2.) Cocktails & Alcoholic Mixed Drinks from Canada

2.1.) Canadian Cocktails

2.1.1.) Vodka-Based Cocktails

15. Caesar
  • Iconic Canadian cocktail.

The Caesar is a quintessential Canadian cocktail, blending vodka with Clamato juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and a spice rim for a savory kick. This beloved drink, often garnished with a celery stick and lime, is a staple in Canadian bars and homes, especially as a brunch favorite.

16. Ice Wine Martini
  • Sweet, wine-infused martini.

The Ice Wine Martini combines the luxurious sweetness of Canadian ice wine with vodka, creating an elegant and sophisticated cocktail. This unique martini showcases Canada’s renowned ice wine, making it a perfect choice for special occasions or as a dessert cocktail.

2.1.2.) Whisky-Based Cocktails

17. Maple Leaf Martini
  • Whisky with a maple twist.

The Maple Leaf Martini is a whisky-based cocktail that celebrates Canada’s maple heritage, mixing Canadian whisky with lemon juice and maple syrup. This cocktail balances the robust flavors of whisky with the natural sweetness of maple, creating a smooth and inviting drink.

18. Northern Lights
  • Vibrant, herbal cocktail.

The Northern Lights cocktail is a visually stunning whisky-based drink, combining herbal liqueurs and citrus to create a flavor reminiscent of the aurora borealis. This cocktail not only delights the palate but also pays homage to the breathtaking natural phenomenon seen in northern Canada.

19. The Toronto
  • Classic, bittersweet mix.

The Toronto cocktail is a sophisticated blend of Canadian whisky, Fernet Branca, simple syrup, and bitters, offering a complex and bittersweet flavor profile. This cocktail, named after Canada’s largest city, is a testament to the country’s rich cocktail culture and history.

2.1.3.) Gin-Based Cocktails

20. Montreal Gin Sour
  • Tart and refreshing gin sour.

The Montreal Gin Sour puts a Canadian spin on the classic sour formula, using local gin, fresh lemon juice, and a touch of maple syrup for sweetness. This cocktail is a nod to Montreal’s vibrant bar scene and its creative mixologists.

21. The Vancouver
  • Elegant, botanical gin cocktail.

The Vancouver cocktail is a refined gin-based drink that blends sweet vermouth, Benedictine, and orange bitters, capturing the sophisticated spirit of its namesake city. This cocktail is perfect for those who appreciate the nuanced flavors of botanical gin and herbal liqueurs.

2.2.) Hot Canadian Alcoholic Beverages

22. Blueberry Tea

  • Fruity, warm tea cocktail.

Blueberry Tea, despite its name, is a unique Canadian cocktail made with Grand Marnier, Amaretto, and hot tea, offering a warm, fruity, and aromatic experience. This comforting beverage is ideal for relaxing evenings and showcases the innovative use of tea in Canadian mixology.

2.2.1.) Whisky-Based Hot Canadian Drinks

23. Hot Maple Buttered Rum
  • Warm, buttery rum delight.

Hot Maple Buttered Rum is a comforting Canadian concoction, combining dark rum with maple syrup, butter, and spices, served hot. This drink is ideal for cold Canadian winters, offering warmth and sweetness in every sip.

24. Canadian Toddy
  • Canadian twist on a classic.

The Canadian Toddy takes the traditional hot toddy and infuses it with Canadian whisky and maple syrup, creating a soothing and warming beverage. This drink is a go-to for chilly evenings or for nursing a winter cold, embodying the comforting spirit of Canadian hospitality.

25. Maple Coffee Whisky
  • Canadian whisky meets coffee.

Maple Coffee Whisky combines the bold flavors of coffee and whisky with the sweetness of maple syrup, creating a rich and invigorating hot beverage. This cocktail is perfect for coffee lovers looking to add a Canadian twist to their favorite drink.

26. Canadian Hot Chocolate
  • Whisky-infused chocolate warmth.

Canadian Hot Chocolate blends the creamy richness of hot chocolate with a splash of Canadian whisky and a hint of maple syrup, offering a decadent and warming drink. This luxurious cocktail is a winter favorite, perfect for sipping by the fire.

3.) Brewed & Fermented Alcoholic Beverages from Canada

3.1.) Canadian Wines

Canadian wines are celebrated for their diversity and quality, reflecting the country’s vast and varied terroir. From the lush valleys of British Columbia to the fertile lands of Ontario, Canada’s wine regions produce exceptional reds, whites, and ice wines. Notably, Canada is renowned for its ice wine, a sweet dessert wine made from grapes frozen on the vine, showcasing the unique Canadian climate’s influence on viticulture.

27. Red Wine from Canada

– Mission Hill Family Estate
  • Iconic BC winery.

Mission Hill Family Estate, nestled in the heart of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, is renowned for its award-winning red wines. The estate’s commitment to quality and sustainability has earned it a place among Canada’s top wine producers, offering a range of robust reds that reflect the unique terroir of the region.

– Burrowing Owl Estate Winery
  • Premium Okanagan reds.

Burrowing Owl Estate Winery, located in the South Okanagan, is celebrated for its rich, full-bodied red wines. With a focus on sustainable viticulture, the winery produces wines that are a true expression of the sun-drenched vineyards of British Columbia, making it a must-visit for wine enthusiasts.

– Marechal Foch
  • Bold Canadian red varietal.

Marechal Foch is a versatile red wine grape varietal grown in various Canadian vineyards, known for producing wines with deep color and robust flavors. This varietal thrives in Canada’s cooler climate, resulting in wines that are both hearty and complex.

28. White Wine from Canada

– Tantalus Vineyards
  • Acclaimed BC white wines.

Tantalus Vineyards, situated in the picturesque Okanagan Valley, is renowned for its high-quality white wines, particularly Riesling. The vineyard’s dedication to sustainable practices and meticulous winemaking results in crisp, aromatic whites that capture the essence of the region’s unique climate and soil.

– Cave Spring Cellars
  • Renowned Niagara whites.

Located in Ontario’s Niagara Peninsula, Cave Spring Cellars specializes in producing exceptional white wines, with a particular emphasis on Riesling. The winery’s commitment to expressing the terroir’s unique characteristics has established it as a leader in Canadian white wine production.

29. Ice Wine from Canada

Canadian Ice Wine is a prized dessert wine made from grapes frozen on the vine, primarily in Ontario and British Columbia. This process concentrates the sugars, resulting in a rich, sweet wine with flavors of tropical fruits, honey, and apricot. Celebrated globally, it showcases Canada’s winemaking excellence.

– Inniskillin
  • Ice wine pioneer.

Inniskillin is synonymous with Canadian ice wine, a leader in producing this exquisite dessert wine from grapes frozen on the vine. Their ice wines, known for their concentrated sweetness and complexity, have garnered international acclaim, showcasing the best of Canada’s winemaking prowess.

– Peller Estates
  • Ice wine excellence.

Peller Estates, located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, is celebrated for its premium ice wines. With a dedication to quality and innovation, Peller Estates crafts ice wines that are rich, luxurious, and a testament to the unique conditions favorable for ice wine production in Canada.

– Jackson-Triggs
  • Diverse wine portfolio, including ice wine.

Jackson-Triggs is a household name in Canadian wine, offering a wide range of high-quality wines, including exceptional ice wines. Their commitment to excellence and innovation has made them a staple in Canadian wine culture, with offerings that appeal to a variety of palates.

– Vidal Icewine
  • Sweet, golden ice wine.

Vidal Icewine, produced by various vineyards in Ontario and British Columbia, is a testament to the Canadian winter’s beauty, made from Vidal grapes frozen on the vine. This luscious, sweet wine is characterized by its balanced acidity and rich flavors, making it a prized dessert wine.

30. Fruit Wine from Canada

– Forbidden Fruit Winery
  • Unique fruit wines.

Forbidden Fruit Winery is renowned for its exceptional fruit wines, made from organically grown fruits in British Columbia’s Similkameen Valley. Their wines range from dry to sweet, capturing the essence of each fruit and offering a delightful alternative to traditional grape wines.

– Elephant Island Orchard Wines
  • Artisanal fruit wines.

Elephant Island Orchard Wines, nestled in the Naramata Bench, crafts innovative fruit wines that challenge traditional winemaking norms. Using locally sourced fruits, their wines are a vibrant celebration of British Columbia’s rich agricultural bounty, offering a unique and flavorful wine experience.

3.2.) Canadian Beer

Canadian beer is a reflection of the country’s diverse and dynamic brewing landscape, featuring a broad spectrum of styles from crisp lagers to robust craft beers. Breweries across regions like Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia push the boundaries of traditional brewing, offering everything from classic ales to innovative seasonal releases that celebrate Canada’s rich brewing heritage and local ingredients.

31. Molson Canadian

  • Iconic Canadian lager.

Molson Canadian is a classic Canadian lager that embodies the spirit of Canada with its clean, crisp taste and smooth finish. Brewed with Canadian water and ingredients, it’s a staple at gatherings and a symbol of national pride.

32. Labatt Blue

  • Refreshing pilsner-style lager.

Labatt Blue, a pilsner-style lager, is favored for its light, refreshing taste and easy drinkability. As one of Canada’s best-selling beers, it’s a go-to choice for casual sipping and social occasions, embodying the laid-back Canadian lifestyle.

33. Steam Whistle Pilsner

  • Pure, traditional pilsner.

Steam Whistle Pilsner, brewed in Toronto, is celebrated for its adherence to traditional pilsner brewing methods, resulting in a clean, crisp beer with a bright hop character. It’s a testament to Canadian brewers’ commitment to quality and tradition.

34. Moosehead Lager

  • Independent Canadian lager.

Moosehead Lager, from Canada’s oldest independent brewery, is renowned for its balanced flavor and smooth finish. This lager has earned a devoted following for its consistent quality and the brewery’s commitment to independence and craftsmanship.

35. Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale

  • Historic Canadian IPA.

Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale, one of Canada’s oldest breweries, is known for its balanced hop flavor and smooth finish. Brewed in Nova Scotia, this IPA has a loyal following for its consistent quality and rich history in Canadian brewing.

36. Blanche de Chambly

  • Belgian-style wheat ale.

Blanche de Chambly, brewed by Unibroue in Quebec, is a Belgian-style wheat ale known for its subtle spice and citrus notes, making it a refreshing and flavorful choice. This beer represents the creativity and skill of Canadian craft breweries in adopting and adapting traditional European styles.

37. Unibroue La Fin du Monde

  • Belgian-style tripel ale.

Unibroue’s La Fin du Monde is a renowned Belgian-style tripel ale from Quebec, celebrated for its complex flavors and aromatic bouquet. This award-winning craft beer offers a harmonious blend of fruitiness and spice, making it a favorite among beer aficionados in Canada and beyond.

38. Lost River Baltic Porter

  • Rich, dark porter.

Lost River Baltic Porter, from Bellwoods Brewery in Toronto, is a testament to the depth and diversity of Canadian craft beer, offering a rich, complex flavor profile with notes of coffee and chocolate. This beer is a favorite for those seeking a robust, full-bodied experience.

3.3.) Other Canadian Brewed and Fermented Drinks

39. Cider

  • Fermented fruit beverage.

Canadian Cider is crafted with the country’s abundant apples and other fruits, like cherry, creating a range of flavors from tart and crisp to sweet and spiced. Produced in regions like British Columbia and Ontario, these ciders reflect the diversity of Canada’s fruit orchards and the innovative spirit of Canadian cider makers.

Popular brands include:

  • Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse: Offers a variety of organic ciders from dry to sweet, capturing the essence of British Columbia’s apple varieties.
  • Merridale Cidery & Distillery: Known for traditional and crafted ciders that highlight the unique flavors of Vancouver Island’s apples.
  • Les Vergers de la Colline: A Quebec cidery that blends heritage and innovation, producing ciders that range from ice ciders to sparkling, showcasing the richness of local apples.

40. Mead

  • Honey-based wine.

Canadian Mead is a honey wine that showcases the rich diversity of Canada’s local honey varieties. Crafted across the country, from the wildflower fields of the Prairies to the clover blooms of Ontario, Canadian mead makers blend tradition with innovation, offering everything from sweet to dry meads, often infused with local fruits, spices, or herbs.

Popular brands include:

  • Tugwell Creek Honey Farm and Meadery: Situated in British Columbia, Tugwell Creek blends local wildflower honey with berries to produce rich, complex meads.
  • Munro’s Meadery: Based in Ontario, Munro’s Meadery crafts traditional meads that highlight the floral notes of local honey, offering a taste of the region’s natural sweetness.

41.  Sake

  • Fermented rice wine.

Canadian Sake brings traditional Japanese brewing to the rich natural landscape of Canada, utilizing pristine waters and high-quality rice. Breweries in British Columbia and Ontario lead the charge, producing sake that ranges from classic junmai to fruit-infused variations, embodying a commitment to craftsmanship and a fusion of cultures.

Popular brands include:

  • Ontario Spring Water Sake Company: Located in Toronto’s Distillery District, this brewery crafts premium sake using traditional methods and spring water, offering a range of styles from dry to floral.
  • Artisan SakeMaker: Based in Vancouver, Artisan SakeMaker is at the forefront of organic sake production in Canada, creating award-winning sakes that reflect the terroir of British Columbia’s Fraser Valley.

4.) Non-Alcoholic Drinks from Canada

4.1.) Cold Canadian Non-Alcoholic Beverages

4.1.1.) Juices

42. Saskatoon Berry Juice
  • Nutritious prairie berry juice.

Saskatoon Berry Juice, made from the nutrient-rich berries native to the Canadian Prairies, is a delicious and healthful beverage. Its sweet, slightly tart flavor and deep purple hue make it a popular choice among those seeking a taste of Canada’s natural bounty.

43. Wild Blueberry Juice
  • Antioxidant-rich berry juice.

Wild Blueberry Juice from Canada’s eastern provinces is celebrated for its intense flavor and health benefits. Made from wild blueberries, this juice is a potent source of antioxidants and a delicious embodiment of Canada’s lush, wild landscapes.

44. Rhubarb Juice
  • Tart, refreshing garden juice.

Rhubarb Juice, often seasonally produced by local Canadian producers, offers a unique and refreshing taste. Its tartness, balanced with a hint of sweetness, makes it a delightful alternative to traditional fruit juices.

45. Tomato Juice
  • Fresh, garden-grown juice.

Canadian Tomato Juice, produced locally, captures the fresh taste of garden-grown tomatoes. It’s a staple in Canadian homes, not only for its healthful qualities but also as a key ingredient in the iconic Canadian cocktail, the Caesar.

4.1.2.) Other Soft Drinks

46. Sparkling Maple Water
  • Lightly sweet, carbonated water.

Sparkling Maple Water is a unique Canadian beverage that combines the subtle sweetness of maple with the refreshing effervescence of sparkling water. This drink is perfect for those seeking a light, natural alternative to sugary sodas.

47. Canadian Birch Sap Beverages
  • Nutrient-rich spring tonic.

Canadian Birch Sap Beverages are harvested in the spring, offering a light, slightly sweet taste. Known for its nutritional properties, birch sap is enjoyed for both its health benefits and its connection to the Canadian wilderness.

48. Clamato Juice
  • Tomato-clam juice blend.

Clamato Juice, a blend of tomato juice and clam broth, is a key ingredient in the classic Canadian Caesar cocktail. Its unique flavor profile makes it a beloved beverage and culinary ingredient across Canada.

49. Craft Sodas
  • Artisanal, flavored sodas.

Canadian Craft Sodas, produced by local brands, offer a wide range of unique and refreshing flavors. These sodas are often made with natural ingredients and creative combinations, reflecting Canada’s diverse culinary landscape.

4.2.) Hot Canadian Non-Alcoholic Beverages

50. Canadian Maple Tea

  • Sweet, aromatic black tea.

Canadian Maple Tea is a warming blend of black tea infused with the rich sweetness of Canadian maple syrup. This tea offers a comforting, sweet aroma and taste, making it a perfect beverage for chilly Canadian mornings or afternoons.

51. Balsam Fir Tea

  • Woodsy, herbal infusion.

Balsam Fir Tea is made from the needles of the balsam fir tree, indigenous to Canada. This herbal tea offers a unique woodsy flavor and aroma, reminiscent of a Canadian forest, and is valued for its soothing properties.

52. Wild Rosehip Tea

  • Vitamin C-rich, fruity tea.

Wild Rosehip Tea, made from the fruit of the wild rose plant, is a popular Canadian herbal tea known for its high vitamin C content and fruity, tangy flavor. It’s a comforting drink, especially during the cold Canadian winters.

53. Chaga Tea

  • Earthy, mushroom brew.

Chaga Tea, brewed from the Chaga mushrooms found on Canadian birch trees, is a robust, earthy tea prized for its potential health benefits. This unique beverage is a testament to Canada’s rich natural resources and traditional herbal remedies.

54. Labrador Tea

  • Traditional, aromatic herbal tea.

Labrador Tea is made from the leaves of a plant found in Canada’s boreal forests. This traditional tea has a unique, aromatic flavor and has been enjoyed by Indigenous peoples and settlers alike for its soothing qualities and connection to the Canadian wilderness.

55. Dandelion Tea

  • Herbal, detoxifying tea.

Dandelion Tea, made from the leaves of locally harvested dandelions, is a cherished herbal tea in Canada. Known for its detoxifying properties, it’s enjoyed for both its health benefits and its earthy, robust flavor.

56. Peppermint Tea

  • Refreshing, minty herbal tea.

Peppermint Tea, made from locally grown peppermint, is a refreshing and invigorating herbal tea enjoyed across Canada. Its

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