51 Australian Drinks You’ll Love: Spirits | Cocktails | Wine | Beer | No-Alcohol

Check out this huge list of alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks from Australia, where there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. You’ll find cool spirits, tasty cocktails, great wines, and some really good beers. Plus, there are lots of non-alcoholic drinks too, like special sodas and teas.

It’s like a tour of Australia’s best flavors, all in one place, ready for you to try something new and delicious. >>>

1.) Australian Spirits

1.1.) Australian Liquor

1. Australian Whisky

Australian whisky is renowned for its distinctive character, combining traditional distillation methods with unique local ingredients. The island’s pristine waters and climate conditions contribute to the smooth, rich flavors, with Tasmanian distilleries leading the charge in global recognition. From single malts to blends, Australian whisky offers a diverse palette of tastes and aromas, making it a celebrated choice among connoisseurs.

Examples of popular brands and labels:

  • Sullivan’s Cove Whisky: Known for its award-winning French Oak Cask variety, Sullivan’s Cove stands out with its rich, complex flavors and velvety texture.
  • Lark Distillery Whisky: A pioneer in the Australian whisky scene, Lark Distillery offers a range of single malt whiskies, noted for their deep, peaty flavors and artisanal craftsmanship.
  • Hellyers Road Single Malt Whisky: Tasmania’s largest whisky distillery, Hellyers Road, is celebrated for its smooth, slightly sweet whiskies with a hint of the island’s unique flora.
  • Archie Rose Single Malt Whisky: This Sydney-based distillery is known for its innovative approach, using malted rye and barley to produce whiskies with a distinctive Australian character.
  • The Tasmanian Devil: A blend that captures the wild spirit of Tasmania, this whisky is rich in heritage and flavor, embodying the island’s untamed beauty.

2. Australian Vodka

Australian Vodka is distinguished by its purity and smoothness, often distilled using locally sourced ingredients like grapes, wheat, and even sugarcane. Australian distilleries are experimenting with filtration and distillation techniques to produce vodkas that are not only clean and crisp but also carry subtle hints of their natural origins, making them perfect for both sipping and cocktails.

Examples of popular brands and labels:

  • 666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka: Crafted from Tasmanian barley and pristine rainwater, this vodka is known for its exceptional smoothness and clean taste.
  • Hartshorn Distillery Vodka: Small-batch and handcrafted, this sheep whey vodka is unique to the Australian market, offering a creamy texture and subtle sweetness.
  • Adelaide Hills Distillery Vodka: Utilizing the region’s bountiful produce, this vodka is characterized by its clean, crisp profile with a hint of the terroir’s character.

3. Australian Rum

Australian Rum, particularly from Queensland, has a rich history dating back to the 19th century. Distilleries across the country are producing a variety of styles, from dark and spiced to light and aromatic, using locally grown sugarcane. These rums are celebrated for their bold flavors and the innovative aging processes that impart depth and complexity.

Examples of popular brands and labels:

  • Bundaberg Rum: An iconic brand, Bundaberg is synonymous with Australian rum, known for its rich, molasses-heavy flavor and a wide range of spiced and aged variants.
  • Beenleigh Artisan Distillery Rum: Australia’s oldest operating distillery, Beenleigh, is revered for its handcrafted rums, showcasing a balance of sweetness and spice with a smooth finish.
  • Black Gate Distillery Rum: Specializing in small-batch, cask-aged rums, Black Gate has gained a reputation for its rich, intense flavors and artisanal quality.

4. Australian Gin

Australian Gin is on the rise, characterized by the use of native botanicals like lemon myrtle, Tasmanian pepperberry, and wattleseed, which lend a unique Australian twist to the traditional spirit. Distillers across the continent are crafting gins that range from classic dry to modern botanical, capturing the essence of the Australian landscape in each bottle.

Examples of popular brands and labels:

  • Four Pillars Gin: Celebrated for its innovative use of Australian botanicals and cutting-edge distillation techniques, Four Pillars offers a range of gins with complex profiles.
  • West Winds Gin: Known for its maritime influence, West Winds Gin uses native ingredients to create smooth, juniper-forward gins with a hint of the sea.
  • Stone Pine Distillery Gin: Nestled in Bathurst, Stone Pine combines traditional and native botanicals to produce small-batch gins with distinctive flavors and aromas.
  • Cape Byron Distillery Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin: Set in the Byron Bay hinterland, this distillery’s gin is infused with local rainforest botanicals, resulting in a vibrant, herbaceous spirit.

5. Australian Agave Spirits

While not traditionally known for agave spirits, Australia is beginning to explore this category, utilizing the agave plants grown in the country’s arid regions. These spirits echo the traditional tequila and mezcal of Mexico, with a distinctly Australian character, offering an exciting new frontier for local distillers.

This emerging category includes spirits like ‘Sunset Agave’ and ‘Illegal Tender Agave Spirit’, showcasing the versatility and potential of Australian-grown agave in producing high-quality, unique spirits that challenge traditional tequila norms.

1.2.) Australian Liqueurs

6. Lemon Myrtle Liqueur

  • Citrusy, herbal liqueur

Lemon Myrtle Liqueur captures the essence of Australia’s native botanicals. This zesty, herbal liqueur, infused with the aromatic lemon myrtle plant, offers a unique citrusy flavor that’s both refreshing and invigorating. Ideal for crafting distinctive cocktails, its vibrant taste profile makes it a standout in Australia’s liqueur offerings.

7. Wild Lime Liqueur

  • Tart, wild-crafted liqueur

Wild Lime Liqueur is a testament to Australia’s rich bush food heritage, featuring the tartness of native wild limes. This liqueur combines a sharp lime bite with a smooth, sweet finish, making it a perfect addition to cocktails seeking a burst of authentic Australian flavor.

8. Kakadu Plum Liqueur

  • Fruity plum liqueur

Kakadu plum liqueur introduces the superfood qualities of Kakadu plums to the world of spirits. With its fruity, slightly tart flavor profile and a wealth of Vitamin C, this liqueur not only delights the palate but also offers a unique nutritional aspect, embodying the fusion of taste and health.

9. Finger Lime Liqueur

  • Citrusy, caviar-like bead liqueur

Finger lime Liqueur showcases the exquisite flavor of the Australian finger lime, often referred to as ‘lime caviar’. Its distinct citrusy notes, combined with the visual appeal of its caviar-like beads, make this liqueur a luxurious and exotic choice for elevating cocktail experiences.

10. Macadamia Nut Liqueur

  • Creamy, nutty liqueur

Macadamia nut liqueur brings the creamy, rich flavors of Australia’s native macadamia nuts into the liqueur world. With its smooth, nutty profile, this liqueur offers a velvety texture and a taste that complements both sweet and savory cocktail creations.

11. Wattleseed Liqueur

  • Liqueur from Australian acacia tree seeds

Wattleseed liqueur is derived from the seeds of the native Australian wattle tree, which is an acacia tree found across Australia that serves as a traditional aboriginal staple bush food. This rich, aromatic liqueur adds depth and complexity to cocktails, providing a uniquely Australian twist on classic recipes.

12. Quandong Liqueur

  • Fruity, slightly tart liqueur

Quandong liqueur is crafted from the native Australian quandong fruit, known for its peach-like flavor with a hint of tartness. This vibrant, ruby-red liqueur is perfect for those seeking a fruity yet sophisticated addition to their cocktail repertoire.

13. Davidson Plum Liqueur

  • Sour, plum-flavored liqueur

Davidson plum liqueur captures the essence of the native Davidson plum’s sour and slightly bitter taste. This deep, richly colored liqueur adds a unique Australian flavor to any cocktail, combining well with both sweet and savory ingredients for a versatile mixology component.

1.3.) Other Australian Spirits

14. Eucalyptus Spirit

  • Refreshing, minty spirit

Eucalyptus spirit embodies the refreshing and clean taste of eucalyptus leaves. Known for its minty, slightly medicinal flavor, this spirit is a bold choice for those looking to add an invigorating Australian twist to their cocktails, offering a fresh, aromatic dimension.

15. Australian Baijiu

  • Strong, clear Chinese-style spirit

Australian baijiu adapts the traditional Chinese spirit for the Australian palate, maintaining its strong, distinctive flavor. Crafted using local ingredients, this clear spirit stands out for its boldness and is an intriguing addition to Australia’s diverse spirits landscape.

16. Australian Moonshine

  • Potent, unaged corn spirit

Australian moonshine captures the rebellious spirit of the moonshine craft with a Down Under twist, made with locally sourced ingredients. This bold, clear, unaged corn spirit is known for its potent kick and versatility, offering a taste of Australia’s adventurous spirit in every sip.

17. Moulin Rooz Absinthe

  • Anise-flavored, herbal spirit

Moulin Rooz absinthe brings a piece of the traditional absinthe experience to Australia, infused with local botanicals. This anise-flavored spirit, known for its complexity and rich herbal notes, offers a sensory journey through its vivid color and layered taste profile.

18. Australian Grappa

  • Distilled, grape-based spirit

Australian grappa brings the Italian tradition Down Under, utilizing the rich bounty of Australian grape pomace. This distilled spirit is noted for its bold, aromatic profile, offering a unique take on the classic grappa with a distinctly Australian twist.

2.) Australian Cocktails & Mixed Alcoholic Drinks

2.1.) Australian Cocktails

19. Lemon Myrtle Martini

  • Citrusy, aromatic cocktail

The Lemon Myrtle Martini is a fragrant, citrusy cocktail that showcases the distinctive flavor of lemon myrtle, an Australian shrub with intense citrus fragrance and taste. This Australian twist on the classic martini offers a refreshing and aromatic experience, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of native botanicals in their drink.

20. Bush Tucker Mojito

  • Refreshing, native-ingredient cocktail

The Bush Tucker Mojito is a refreshing cocktail that incorporates native Australian ingredients, such as wild mint and lemon myrtle, into the traditional mojito recipe. This drink offers a burst of freshness with a distinctive Aussie twist, perfect for hot summer days.

21. Australian Negroni

  • Bitter-sweet, herbaceous cocktail

The Australian Negroni, crafted with native botanical-infused Australian gin, offers a unique twist on the classic Negroni. This cocktail balances the bitter-sweet interplay of gin, vermouth, and Campari with a touch of Australian wilderness.

22. Outback Old Fashioned

  • Smoky, whiskey-based cocktail

The Outback Old Fashioned reinvents the classic Old Fashioned cocktail with a dash of Australian spirit, using smoky Australian whisky and a hint of native bush ingredients. This cocktail offers a rich, deep flavor profile that pays homage to the rugged Australian landscape.

23. Australian Bloody Mary with Native Spices

  • Spicy, tomato-based cocktail

The Australian Bloody Mary takes the classic brunch cocktail and infuses it with native spices and botanicals, offering a spicy, savory, and richly flavored experience. This version stands out for its depth of flavor and its connection to the Australian landscape.

24. Australian Espresso Martini

  • Martini with Australian ingredients

The Australian Espresso Martini unites the rich, bold flavors of locally sourced Australian coffee with the smoothness of vodka, preferably also local. This cocktail delivers a creamy, invigorating experience, perfect for coffee lovers seeking a spirited twist.

25. Pavlova Martini

  • Sweet, fruity vodka cocktail

Inspired by the iconic Australian dessert, the Pavlova Martini is a sweet, fruity concoction that combines vodka with the flavors of passionfruit, meringue, and a touch of lime. This dessert cocktail is a delightful treat, capturing the essence of Australian sweetness in every sip.

2.2.) Hot Australian Alcoholic Beverages

26. Australian Hot Toddy

  • Warm, soothing whisky drink

The Australian Hot Toddy combines the warmth of Australian whisky with the soothing qualities of honey, lemon, and hot water. This comforting beverage is perfect for chilly evenings, offering a warm embrace with its smooth, rich flavors.

27. Bush Tea Toddy

  • Herbal, hot tea cocktail

The Bush Tea Toddy brings together the aromatic qualities of Australian bush tea with the warmth of whisky and honey. This hot cocktail is both soothing and invigorating, making it an excellent choice for relaxing evenings or as a remedy for a cold winter’s night.

28. Australian Mulled Wine

  • Spiced, warm red wine

Using Australian red wine, this mulled wine recipe incorporates a blend of spices, citrus, and sweetness, creating a warm, inviting drink. It’s an ideal choice for winter gatherings, offering a cozy, spiced beverage that celebrates Australia’s robust wine culture.

29. Australian Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate

  • Chocolatey, rum-infused warm drink

The Australian spiced hot chocolate is a decadent, warming drink that combines rich cocoa with the spiced notes of Australian rum. This indulgent beverage is perfect for sipping on cooler days, offering a comforting, chocolatey warmth with a spirited kick.

3.) Australian Brewed & Fermented Beverages

3.1.) Australian Wine

Australian wines are celebrated globally for their diversity and quality, stemming from the country’s vast array of climates and terroirs. From the robust Shiraz of Barossa Valley to the refined Chardonnay of Margaret River, Australian wines offer a rich palette of flavors, aromas, and textures. The nation’s wine regions specialize in a variety of grapes, benefiting from innovative winemaking techniques and a commitment to excellence, making Australian wines a staple on the international stage.

30. Australian Red Wine

Australian red wine is known for its bold flavors and rich heritage, with Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon as standout varieties. Regions such as Barossa Valley and Coonawarra produce reds with intense depth and character, reflecting the diverse climates and soils. From the robust, peppery notes of Shiraz to the elegant, refined profile of Pinot Noir, Australian reds are cherished for their quality, complexity, and ability to age gracefully.

  • Barossa Valley Shiraz: Known for its bold, full-bodied profile, Barossa Shiraz is a hallmark of Australian red wines, featuring rich flavors of dark fruit and chocolate.
  • McLaren Vale Grenache: This region produces Grenache that is celebrated for its vibrant red fruit flavors and soft, silky texture, reflecting the Mediterranean climate of the area.
  • Heathcote Shiraz: Heathcote’s Shiraz is noted for its deep color, complex aromatics, and elegant structure, often compared to the Rhône Valley’s finest.
  • Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon: Renowned for its distinctive terroir, Coonawarra produces Cabernet Sauvignon with intense fruit flavors, fine tannins, and a long finish.

31. Australian White Wine

Australian white wine is celebrated for its diversity and quality, with renowned regions like Margaret River and Hunter Valley leading the production. From the crisp, citrusy notes of Chardonnay to the vibrant, aromatic Riesling, Australian whites are crafted using innovative techniques, showcasing the country’s rich terroir and winemaking heritage. These wines are popular globally for their freshness, complexity, and versatility in pairing with food.

  • Margaret River Chardonnay: Margaret River’s Chardonnay is prized for its balance, exhibiting a perfect harmony between fruit, acidity, and oak.
  • Pemberton Sauvignon Blanc: This cool-climate region is known for Sauvignon Blanc with crisp acidity and vibrant fruit flavors, often with a herbaceous edge.
  • Yarra Valley Pinot Noir: Yarra Valley’s Pinot Noir is celebrated for its elegance and subtlety, offering delicate fruit flavors and a silky mouthfeel.
  • Clare Valley Riesling: Clare Valley is synonymous with Riesling, producing wines that are aromatic, with high acidity and notes of lime and minerality.
  • Tamar Valley Pinot Gris: The cool climate of Tamar Valley is ideal for Pinot Gris, producing wines with richness, subtle spice, and refreshing acidity.
  • Hunter Valley Semillon: Hunter Valley is renowned for its Semillon, offering wines that are light-bodied and citrus-driven when young, developing complexity with age.

32. Other Australian Wine

  • Tasmanian Sparkling Wine: Tasmania’s cool climate yields sparkling wines with finesse and vibrancy, often compared to the quality of Champagne.
  • Australian Fruit Wines: These wines, made from fruits like passionfruit and cherry, showcase Australia’s experimental spirit, offering unique and refreshing alternatives to traditional grape wines.

3.2.) Australian Beer

Australian beer is a reflection of the country’s diverse culture and palate, offering everything from classic lagers to craft ales. The craft beer movement has particularly seen a surge, with local breweries experimenting with native ingredients and unique brewing techniques. Iconic brands like Victoria Bitter have been household names for decades, while newer craft breweries are gaining international acclaim for their innovative and flavorful brews.

33. Popular Brands of Australian Beer

  • Victoria Bitter: A staple in Australian pubs, Victoria Bitter, or VB, is known for its full flavor and robust bitterness, making it a classic choice for beer lovers.
  • Carlton Draught: This popular lager is a favorite for its refreshing taste and smooth finish, embodying the traditional Australian beer experience.
  • Coopers Pale Ale: Distinct for its natural bottle fermentation, Coopers Pale Ale offers a unique cloudy appearance with a fruity and floral aroma, beloved by Australians for generations.
  • Little Creatures Pale Ale: Hailing from Fremantle, this craft pale ale is celebrated for its hop-driven flavor and balanced bitterness, a pioneer in the Australian craft beer scene.
  • James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale: Named after a convict brewer, this pale ale is known for its blend of wheat and pale malts, offering a refreshing taste with a hint of citrus and passionfruit.
  • Balter XPA: With its tropical and floral notes, Balter XPA stands out for its easy-drinking style and crisp finish, a testament to the craft beer revolution in Australia.
  • Stone & Wood Pacific Ale: Brewed in Byron Bay, this ale is famous for its aromatic hop profile, derived from Galaxy hops, and its soft, fruity flavors, capturing the essence of the Australian coast.
  • Pirate Life IPA: This Adelaide-based brewery’s IPA is renowned for its bold hop flavors and balanced malt profile, delivering a punchy yet approachable India Pale Ale.
  • Feral Brewing Hop Hog: As one of Australia’s most awarded craft beers, Hop Hog is an American-style IPA known for its intense hop bitterness and aromatic pine and citrus notes.

3.3.) Other Australian Brewed and Fermented Drinks

3.3.1.) Cider

34. The Hills Cider Company Cider
  • Crisp, apple-based cider

The Hills Cider Company Cider is a testament to Australia’s apple orchards, producing crisp, refreshing ciders. Made from 100% fresh Australian apples, this cider showcases a balance of sweetness and acidity, perfect for any occasion.

35. Pagan Cider
  • Artisanal, fruit-infused cider

Pagan Cider stands out for its innovative use of Tasmanian fruits, creating artisanal ciders with complex flavors. From crisp apple to rich cherry, each bottle captures the essence of local produce, offering a sophisticated cider experience.

36. Australian Perry
  • Pear-based, fermented beverage

Australian Perry is a delightful fermented drink made from the juiciest pears, offering a lighter, sweeter alternative to traditional ciders. Its subtle flavors and effervescence make it a refreshing choice, reflecting Australia’s quality pear orchards.

3.3.2.) Mead and Sake

37. Tassie Mead
  • Honey-based, ancient drink

Tassie Mead revives the ancient tradition of mead-making in Tasmania, using local honey to craft beverages with depth and sweetness. This drink, steeped in history, offers a taste of Tasmania’s natural bounty, with each sip telling a story of the island’s rich flora.

38. Australian Sake
  • Rice-based, Japanese-inspired brew

Australian Sake introduces the meticulous art of sake brewing to Australia, using locally grown rice. This venture into Japanese-inspired brewing showcases the versatility of Australian produce, offering a sake experience that’s both authentic and uniquely local.

4.) Australian Non-Alcoholic Beverages

4.1.) Cold Australian Non-Alcoholic Beverages

4.1.1.) Non-Alcoholic Spirits

39. Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits
  • Diverse, alcohol-free spirits

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits collection mimics the flavors of traditional spirits, offering a range of alcohol-free options from whiskey to rum. This allows for the creation of classic cocktails without the alcohol, perfect for inclusive celebrations.

40. Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Gin
  • Botanical, gin-like beverage

Seedlip Non-Alcoholic Gin offers the complexity and nuance of traditional gin without the alcohol. With its blend of botanicals and spices, this innovative drink provides a sophisticated option for those seeking non-alcoholic alternatives.

4.1.2.) Soft Drinks

41. Bundaberg Ginger Beer
  • Spicy, fizzy ginger drink

Bundaberg Ginger Beer is an iconic Australian non-alcoholic beverage known for its rich, spicy ginger taste and refreshing fizz. Crafted with locally grown ginger, this drink offers a perfect blend of sweetness and spice, making it a favorite across Australia.

42. Mount Franklin Sparkling Water
  • Pure, effervescent spring water

Mount Franklin Sparkling Water is renowned for its purity and light effervescence. Sourced from Australian springs, this sparkling water is a refreshing choice for hydration, embodying the clean, natural taste of Australia’s pristine waters.

43. Lemon, Lime and Bitters (LLV)
  • Tangy, bitters-infused soft drink

Lemon, Lime and Bitters is a classic Australian non-alcoholic drink, combining the tanginess of lemon and lime with the complexity of bitters. This refreshing concoction is a popular choice in pubs and restaurants, known for its distinctive taste.

44. Australian Fruit Juices
  • Fresh fruit blends

Australian Fruit Juices, including mango, pineapple, and apple, celebrate the country’s abundant produce. These juices are known for their freshness, vibrant flavors, and nutritional value, capturing the essence of Australian fruits in every sip.

45. Australian Iced Coffee
  • Creamy, coffee-flavored treat

Australian Iced Coffee is a decadent beverage combining rich coffee with sugar and ice cream or cream. This indulgent drink is a beloved Australian specialty, offering a cool, refreshing twist on traditional coffee.

4.2.) Hot Australian Non-Alcoholic Beverages

4.2.1.) Tea

46. Daintree Tea
  • Earthy, Australian-grown tea

Daintree Tea is a unique Australian offering, grown in the lush, tropical climate of the Daintree Rainforest. This tea is prized for its smooth, earthy flavor, providing a serene tea-drinking experience that reflects the tranquility of its rainforest origins.

47. Lemon Myrtle Tea
  • Citrusy, herbal infusion

Lemon Myrtle Tea is an aromatic herbal tea made from the leaves of the Lemon Myrtle tree, native to Australia. Known for its vibrant citrus flavor and health benefits, this tea is a soothing choice, embodying the essence of Australian flora.

48. Wattleseed Tea
  • Nutty, caffeine-free alternative

Wattleseed Tea offers a unique, caffeine-free alternative with its rich, nutty flavor. Derived from the seeds of the Australian Acacia tree, this tea is enjoyed for its depth of flavor and cultural significance, serving as a bridge to Australia’s indigenous heritage.

4.2.2.) Coffee & Chocolate

49. Australian Flat White Coffee
  • Smooth, espresso-based coffee

The Australian Flat White is a coffee innovation, featuring a perfect balance of creamy milk and rich espresso. This coffee drink is known for its velvety texture and strong coffee flavor, making it a staple in Australian cafés.

50. Australian Roasted Dandelion Coffee
  • Herbal, caffeine-free coffee alternative

Australian Roasted Dandelion Coffee is a caffeine-free alternative to traditional coffee, made from roasted dandelion roots. This beverage offers a detoxifying experience with a taste reminiscent of coffee, appealing to those seeking healthful options.

51. Australian Hot Chocolate
  • Rich chocolate drink infused with native ingredients like wattleseed

Australian Hot Chocolate, infused with native ingredients like Wattleseed, provides a unique twist on the classic hot chocolate. This rich, creamy beverage combines the comforting warmth of chocolate with the depth of Australian botanicals, offering a distinctive and indulgent treat.

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